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I am still searching for the woman of my life on a specialized site ; anyway I discuss and learn to understand more women, and some do enjoy me but also have too much children, or smoke, or have some problems of health, or… But I try to keep a charming smile :) , not too much difficult with a photo (for looking serious as well).

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A bit more global warming please :) .

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A bit of holidays, may be I will find a girlfriend.

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About groups (last part)

Nonetheless we can remark that the human being takes the rules which seem to it the simplest and most adequate, but this manner for choosing them does not prevent that they can be in a stance of failure and thus ask for a reconsideration of the order ; following what the selection of the leaders can end up depending on the hereditary birthright(1) which can be accompanied by the justification by a divine right, even if God is not putting their actions in harmony with the problems and that they have to do more efforts than some others in order to resolve them, what leads easily to some privileges which shock the population ; but in order to select the leaders there is as well the possibility fairer but more complicated in a first consideration which is to assess the abilities and virtues of each one and to place this one the most adequately possible in the society despite a possible need of reassessment (considering that if this cannot be at all the levels of studies, their should be a possibility of equivalence for those who acquired a good level without paying a teacher, and can prove it) ; noticing moreover relatively to heredity that the variety and complexity of the genetic arrangements let think that the result is not easily foreseeable, without forgetting relatively to the intellectual development the different experiences of life which are out of the human power and can influence the reflection ; thus the effects of these experiences and the manner of which some persons are not in divine harmony with the problems that they have to resolve (but in God we trust) make understand that some good will could help to reveal by a general education and assessment the real order so that things do happen without too much incoherence (considering also that to give a minimum of education to the maximum of persons should help to decrease criminality), and hence the most possible in peace for the good of the union ; because an harmonious group is a resistant one, and this for a team or for a State (think about a sport team in a bad order) ; what protects the part of sovereign Good of each one.

(1) : See “The Spirit of Laws”, book 31, chapter 33, by Montesquieu ; which did participate in the constitution of the USA, knowing that French seem to respect less the work of Montesquieu than Americans, hence it is possible thus to consider him actually (until?) as being more a member of the American society.

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The factors influencing the types of groups (first part)

Indeed the ways of living together can at the basis for the human being be relative to some different factors which affect the eases to provide for what it needs in order to live, thus the density of the human presence inside the group and around it, can affect because of competition which pushes to organize a minimum ; but in order that the human life be developing it has to be considered some factors as climate being able to be more or less in favor of illness and of the presence of foods, and as fertility and the fact to be practicable for soil and waters ; because these factors affect life expectancy, but as well births by the hope they procure and the variation of the infant mortality they provide. Afterward more the competition is high more it is important to think for living without having any problem and then to become industrious, in order to be able to exploit resources, as good as possible, and even those coming from areas where the relief and/or the climate is hard ; as well this competition reinforces groups because of the factor of protection considering some other groups which become violent by stupidity, or by necessity being confronted to the need of resources or because of disputes relatively to the behavior of some others against some arrangements ; thus the abilities of each group competing motivate the progression of the other groups. Indeed in a group or between groups there is generally some rules which settle in order that there is the least problems possible with the best conditions to survive for each one relatively to the considered priorities, knowing that more a group is powerful more it will have some possibilities of organizing in an advanced manner, considering as well its duration and its ability to keep and exploit the experiences of the past (the history of the town meetings in some townships and the creation of Pennsylvania in the USA are rich historically among some other important things).

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Why a morality? (last part)

Finally without entering in some constitutional problems in case of doubt the moral advice should be able to be used as a choice, as it has been suggested before ; this with knowing that this is possible to interpret differently a same experience, what implies then that a solution methodically studied and considered in context be useful in order to conclude well ; solution which moreover should harmonize the ways of life and avoid some accidents of which it is better to not have the experience, solution which also should be able to help the ambition of some persons to go in the good direction and maintain the moral sense of each one. On the top of that the moral advice can protect a minimum innocents by stopping them to let some persons lead them in the bad direction, knowing that this protection could put them at the service of good. And at least for those who normally constituted find life unbearable, they have to understand that the experience of their woe will be able to help them afterward to appreciate existence in a better way if they manage to correct the bad habits which make them so much suffer, by having may be to weather a temporary schizophrenia ; as well they have to accept to live following their abilities, then without forcing too much and with the possibility to know as much as possible serenity ; it is true that some experiences help us to evaluate our limits, but it is not good also to underestimate them, while succeeding in lessen morally the biases which maintain us away from them in order to not become paranoid.

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Second part

...And on their side the bests have to understand that it is not good to denigrate the least good ones by leaving them going to madness, what could justify the corruption coming from a too much strong rupture leading to some privileges being able to incite to rebel at least those who should want to go through this rupture ; to understand also that everybody cannot be like them, what the too much absolute popular democracy should want, because in this case in order to make well all the choices the majority of inhabitants should finally think like the minority that the “human-Gods” (those who are thinking better) are forming, but this being not possible a development toward the aristocratic republic is arising (just toward but not in) because of the advantage of the best choice (like with the formation of a house of representatives) ; as well it has to be noticed that on the top of a not sure choice, it stems from this type of initiative that to force some persons to change too much their level of morality and of knowledge in order to choose well ended by attacking them and can divert into an enlightened dictatorship ; to what could answer an absolute communism developing a too much basic culture, but giving satisfaction to the least learned ones that could think that this happiness could be good for everybody ; but this by creating too much promiscuity should attack the way of life of the most moral ones by risking at least to develop a kind of anarchy coming with hypocrisy and egoism, or risking to push the best to leave. But without falling in these excesses, in a State where the inhabitants share in an adequate way some choices by the vote in a spirit of liberty, there must be a not too much demanding minimum of lucidity required, hence of the common order, what the morality should assure for the good of everyone ; but those who prove to not be capable of assuring this minimum, should not have the possibility to participate in this choice...

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Why a morality? (first part)

In order to have a principle of stable and responsible life protecting us as much as possible from interior and exterior conflicts, and from corporal deterioration, this by accepting the limits of the human nature, what is supposed to help us to go at the most possible good. But it is true that the experiences of each one allow a different interpretation of a simple principle like usefulness and fairness, it has to be then that following the most common experiences of a civilization, even of humanity, we can pose some rules allowing us to live together a minimum, knowing that this will not avoid all the discords which can come from different experiences or interpretations between the persons of a same civilization or between different civilizations, but will be able all the same at least to minimize these if it is possible ; these common rules have to respect the good that each one can bring following one’s skills, thus the less intelligent ones, and/or cultivated, and/or positively experienced have to understand that the solution in order to be less vicious is not to generalize vice because this attacks too much the bests ; and that they cannot put the life of others in danger like tyrants, this because of the weakness of the human judgment and of the importance of this action, though life has not got the same value for everybody...

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About encephalon last part

Lastly we can remark that the abilities expressed in this general description of the encephalon allow some technical actions common to the vertebrate animals and their transmission from a generation to the other. Generally the learning of these techniques is done by a succession of some actions having led to a feeling of well-being and so well memorized; but the abilities to analyze its sensorial primitive analysis, to analyze its ability to analyze its primitive analysis, to deduce and induce a methodic analysis, and the one to have some inventive constructions and not imitative ones being able to be some methods of analysis requiring some technical inventions, are not considered because they are not some common animal abilities.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Definition of encephalon second part

Encephalon in its management of data has some defined functions as the memorization, which allows to store some logics, which can afterward be triggered automatically in a situation in part analogous with the one memorized; we can notice that it stems from the triggering an imagination so an internal action, which can be accompanied by a motion of the body on the external world. The imagination is then also an important function which allows to conduct some sensations stemming from the five senses after a time (relatively to the action of origin), forming thus some unconscious logical combinations, which can be the origin of the psychosomatic problems linked to some past physical troubles; in addition to this it manages the dreams out of its hazardous changes, about this topic it is good to know that only God knows the influence of the dream on the animal actions (the spirit of the existence of animals for example having a less complete understanding, see a definition to come may be), because the dream can only reveal a will-power or inclination which will not happen; or be the cause of a succession of some recent and independent ideas which will be able to be chimerical so false, or correct and which will happen; or stem from a learned succession where the ideas are then dependent; or even from the memory of a periodical thing, what is equivalent to the automatic triggering described here before. The origins of dream can then be various but a mark stays more or less in the memory and can then after during the awakening influenced the order of the ideas according to the one given by the memory. Otherwise from the activity of the encephalon accompanied by the remainder of the nervous system stem also the feelings at their first degree, which can be summarized by the combination of six primary feelings which are desire which is an inclination toward the obtaining of a thing felt as being missing or which will be missing, of which the variation can lead to be blasé or in an absence of desire by the excess of a thing, next to aversion which is the desire to not more or not possess a thing; as well there is admiration as an astonishment in front of a new thing which triggers a prolonged attention; afterward joy and sadness which express well-being and bad-being; finally confidence being able to lead to love and fear being able to lead to hatred, which stem firstly from the result of an admiration.

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Definition of encephalon first part

Encephalon is an organ common to all the vertebrate animals, it is located in the skull, also it is prolonging by the nerves via the spinal cord except for the nerves of the skull; its principal and common functions are used for the management of what is happening inside and outside the body, by the intermediate of the senses which are divided into the sight, the hearing, the touch, the taste and the sense of smell; these drive the informations by the nerves as far as the specific areas of the encephalon, which next manages the actions. For the set of the nerves, it is divided into two general parts the sensory one and the motor one; the sensitiveness so the sensory action is always more or less active; about the motor intervention, it is distinguished at its turn into two parts, the vegetative one which manages only the necessary actions as the breathing, the hunger, the sexual appetite, the digestion, the cardiac functioning, the system of the blood, …; and the somatic part which manages according to the changes of the life the actions on the outside in a direct way, and indirect one out of the programming changing via the habits and memories stemming from actions which happen again in the same manner...

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Definition of the logic or form or nature[1], of an equilibrium (or we can dare equilibrial)

There the form is understood in its totality[2] so in an internal and external way. What taken generally means the set of the relations between all the parts of a body, then which is characteristic of it, and thus necessary in its totality for its existence defined as an equilibrium, so resistant, and except God limited in space, therefore of which the environment can change.
[1]: See René Descartes, Meditations, 6th meditation, § 21. \ [2]: See G. W. Leibniz, Monadology.

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Politics and scientists second part

In order to conclude about politics and sciences, I want to add that Heidegger has confessed in the interview he has given to “Der Spiegel” in 1966 (See Ecrits politiques, 1933-1966, par Martin Heidegger, éditions Gallimard), that philosophy (as he practiced it) should not any more have any directly useful role in the change of the world. But he has well glimpsed that the most useful role of philosophy had a future from sciences (not literary), although writing a philosophical work needs some literary talents ; on the top of that it is better to be scientific and literary, in order to have a supporting group through the works of some dead persons (what is current in philosophy) or alive, but also the support of history. Furthermore the sense of this scientific exit (which is well compatible with the political part of my work, for which I did begin an American version) is present in Heisenberg’s book “Physics and Beyond”, relating of (not literary) sciences, of moral, of philosophy, of religion, and of politics. Finally I know the USA are a bit in advance about the relation between not literary sciences and politics, if we consider Benjamin Franklin; so I hope they would help the world to go in this direction. It is time that intellectual creators, which are competent in politics, have the possibility to have more power in this field. So we researchers of the most advanced countries have to unify in order to help real intelligence to have what it deserve! We can do it, especially in a world which needs to change! But we have to take a lesson from Mr. Penn (creator of Pennsylvania), which is to not associate with the bad people.

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Politics and scientists first part

There is an interesting extract of a discussion between Carl Friedrich and Werner Heisenberg (in "Physics and Beyond" by W. Heisenberg) :

Heisenberg : “...Anyway we have understood, I did answer, that, for the person to whom the scientific and technical progress has given an important task, it is not sufficient to think only about this task. He has to observe the accomplishment of this task as a part of a great development ; obviously, he must have a positive attitude relatively to this development, since he is working on these problems. It will be easier to take some fair decisions if he considers this general context.” (See the part about the responsibility of the researcher.)
Carl Friedrich : “This would give utterance to the fact that the researcher should as well strive to realize a contact with the public life, to exert an influence on the leading organisms of the State, since it is not sufficient for him to think correctly, but that he wants as well to act and make act the others correctly… Insofar as the scientific and technical progress becomes more important for the collectivity, the influence of the bearers of this progress on the public life should increase. Of course, that is not in question to suppose that physicians or engineers should be more capable to take important political decisions than politicians themselves…” (See the same part)

Heisenberg adds further, out of the conversation : “…the important thing for me was not only to obtain the greatest as possible support of the scientific research by the authorities and the public opinion ; what was for me essential as well, was to realize a penetration of the scientific way of thinking up to the inside of the governmental spheres. I thought sure enough that it had to be recalled all the time to those which will assume in our place the responsibility of the functioning of the State that, in order to govern, it was not enough to assure an equilibrium between some opposite interests ; and that there were frequently some unavoidable necessities, based on the structure of the modern world, in front of which any irrational attitude of evasion toward some sentimental and unrealistic considerations could only lead to some catastrophes.”

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A bit more about my work

Here is the conclusion of a study I have done about the “Discourse of the method” by Descartes, which can be useful in order to understand my work:

In order to conclude, I have to specify that the Cartesian logic, being applied among others to mathematics and physics/chemistry, we can find in the education by which we are abided some murky logics which could easily make us call all what we have learned in question, as the complex numbers which have a quite unusual consideration of the square root relatively to the negative numbers ; as well to consider electron as negative energy seems quite heretical because God (about God in science see the link at the beginning of the last post) is according with existence and it is not really possible to admit that something is present after nothingness. Nonetheless by a good reflection these notions can be enlightened. But moreover though the notion of lack is a fact, the concept of the negative energy and the anti-particles seems to me anyway quite doubtful (even if not so much heretical), and the system of the Cartesian gravity which follows the logic of the flame which is going up seems to me at least as neat, knowing on the top of that, that the theory of the skies is well confirmed by observing the rings of Saturn and that the motion in whirl, dear to Descartes, looks like the one drawn by the arms of galaxies. The relative void can be supposed. But if we want to put it at the center of attraction, why for instance could it not fill by volcanoes after they have spit? Because in this case there is not apparently any anti-return valve like in the blood vessels. And even if this could be possible the value of the attraction should decrease because the vacuum should tend to be filled through time. Furthermore the theory defended by Descartes, of which he did discuss with Blaise Pascal, about mercury(1) , has been confirmed by the work of Mr. Torricelli, a pupil of Galileo Galilei, who has rejected the theory of void used by his master about the functioning of pumps, what did lead him to the concept of the atmospheric pressure ; and this is the induction of this result which supports well the rest of the author ‘s theory against the one of vacuum. Nevertheless, it is possible to notice in the Galileo Galilei’s letter to Fulgenzio Micanzio of the 19th of December 1634 that even him did possess another explanation than the one of vacuum. In order to go further, despite the irregularity of the gravimetric geoids, it is possible to add the fact that the atmosphere presents a high resistance and temperature at the periphery of some layers ; what is observed while the rockets are going out, and is not due to the density of the particles because otherwise they should go closer to the planet Earth, but here it seems that we are in the presence of particles like the ones of the second element described in “The World”, which are very light, and thus produce a pressure by following a rule close to the theorem of Archimedes, which applies here vertically from the bottom toward the top because the particles which are light are going toward the top contrary to the molecules of water which are going toward the bottom, and the force is not equal to the weight of moved fluid, but depends on its volume. Finally in order to sustain the fact that when there is an error somewhere the whole is not inevitably one (about the work of Descartes), we can notice that Aristotle as well was rejecting the absolute vacuum, what did not stop Descartes doing it (he was not following Aristotle).

(1) : See the letter to the father Mersenne of the 13th of December 1647.

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Conclusion for my theories (not for the blog)

To read before :


In order to conclude it is good to notice that the theory as an intellectual construction which for a part is not depending on some experiences and/or experiments makes look at the world in a different manner and thus motivates to develop some physical inventions which make evolve our way of life, by assuring us a power suitable for bringing us the peace as much as our theories are the best ones; according to what it is obviously better to search because it is not by waiting that some new ideas come to confront our five senses that we will be protected; it is better to go methodically so intelligently, and if possible without going too far from the common way of thinking, to the research of these ideas, which at the beginning will catalyze at least our interpretation; thus we can remark that the theory according to which the Sun is the center of our planetary system had been seriously considered by the mind of Aristarchus of Samos and even more certainly by the one of Copernicus, before the telescope could bring enough sensual proofs to the rest of the world by the intermediate of Galileo Galilei, according to what the sensual proof is not indispensable to the reality, even if it confirms this reality and that it is better not to take too much risks. The error remains true for the human thought but at least the ones that we have realized become as much marks in order to show us the way of the truth. Also in order to judge a work it is better to know it totally, after it is better to know how to make allowances and not to condemn the totality while only a part is wrong [1], what discourages to do any hypothesis, nevertheless it is mainly like this that the humanity is evolving, from this possibility to progress blindly toward the divine truths. Obviously this submits us to error, but it is better to do some and to progress than not to do any and to remain farther from God, whereas we want to know It the most possible, as is confirming the worships which have been developed in the different civilizations and as well tribes; on the top of that to include this infinite consideration in our projects clings us stronger to life, and reinforces even our familial and social projects, because to have the ambition to know what is not finishing and is reinforcing us always, motivates us to progress directly or out of the intermediate of some others more qualified in order to discover things, and to whom it is better to give the opportunity to think in the best conditions possible.

[1] Update 04/08/2011: For the scientific part of my work, what is present should be enough for the time being, and until now the corrections are the effect of my own judgment, my work did then resist critics.

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Article 10

Water stems from the equilibrium of the energetic potential of stars which forms the different atoms and molecules, and in a usual way we can remark its gaseous condensable release during some combustions and mainly the one stemmed from volcanoes. Also if we can observe its presence on the Earth it is due to the atmosphere, and to the gravity and the inertia which are in it and which retain water; thus it is possible to find it in three different forms which are vapor (clouds…), liquid (rains, lacks, rivers, seas…), and ice (snow, hail, ice-floe…). About the liquid streams they have in part the same causes than winds applied to the liquid element and can be influenced by them, also tidal waves stem from volcanic activities and from the displacements of plates, where there is some thermal phenomenons but as well wave ones(1); and the variations of relief have to be considered for the fluvial flows.
Otherwise we can think that the motion in tides should come from an interaction between the terrestrial sky and the one of the Moon, as a result of what for a first hypothesis we could pose (within the framework of the hypothesis of Descartes about this subject (see The World))…

The rest of this article has been rectified and will be published only when I will be sure to be remunerated for my work (done and to come), because I would not like to make forget the value of this kind of thing by being too much generous; also I do not want to be abused.

(1): Also some enough powerful hurricanes can be accompanied by a groundswell of a considerable height.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Article 9 last part

But there is something left to explain in order this should be really logical, because at a same altitude in the closest layer to the soil the gravity is increasing by going from the equator toward the North Pole, although this is not the same thing by going toward the South Pole (there are more irregularities); as well it can seem strange that the gravity decreases when the altitude increases in this same layer, while the heaviest gases, as the CO2, which are then the closest to the soil have a greater capacity to carry as the liquid water compared with air, what should propose the opposite phenomenon (if we refer to the conditions of the experiment of von Jolly). Thus a new factor should be considered which is the composition of the soil, and here we can consider a black matter having an attractive power, which is magnetite or the mineral magnet, and which as its name indicates forms a magnetic field(1) by creating a flow with the particles of the two first secondary elements and especially the smallest ones; also the flow that they should form in this case should be quite weak what is proved by compasses, and should not create appreciably any warmth because especially the small particles of the second secondary element should participate in it(2), but it should increase all the same the quantity of the particles serving to the gravity in the geographical areas where should be found some magnetite with a higher concentration, by considering that it is possible to find a little of it everywhere in the crust(3); what should explain its variations at the level of the soil.
Besides this system of gravity should be propitious to explain the phenomenon of Northern Lights, because when the concentration of the particles of the first secondary element should be high enough(2), it should be normal that some luminous phenomenons should be produced; what should happen more easily near the magnetic North Pole for the reason that these particles should be more concentrated because of the magnetic field (more magnetite which orientates the magnetic field in some other places)(1).

(1): As well the motion under the terrestrial crust of the mass in fusion could produce a current being able to participate in the magnetic field (see theory of the dynamo effect). \ (2): See : http://eternal-cartesian.blogspot.com/2009/09/article-2.html \ (3): Considering that there is always a possible production of magnetite under the crust.

Update 13/04/2011: Otherwise about the particles as those of a magnetic field in the process of gravity, it is possible to consult the case of the mouse in magnetic levitation with a study of the NASA in relation with gravity (or of the frog by A. Geim (Nobel prize laureate) et M. Berry), here the magnetic field is enough higher than the radiation of the Earth (which is not local), but as well than the gravity, what gives the effect of a local thrust on a living being done by some particles of the same type as those considered here for gravity, what is close to the optical tweezers relatively to small things (see end of the article 6 about magnet). Lastly the particles considered here for the general magnetic field of the Earth come from a quite weak magnetic field and should intervene by the dispersion of the particles participating in the magnetic field (being free for the participation in the gravity), and possibly by thrust, this rather at the poles, because the magnetic field is vertical at the poles (so thrust toward the top or the bottom in the field).

  Lastly for the credibility of black holes, it is possible to read this: http://www.nature.com/news/2010/101214/full/468876a.html 

Update 06/01/12:
  About the Cavendish experiment, it is done with some masses of lead; but considering my theory for magnet (see article 6), it is better to not omit the emissions of atoms and the organization of it, thus even if lead is not reacting like iron to the emission of the flow of a magnet, the organization of its own one, is not going against the fact that it can have an interaction which is particular, with a different correspondence between the pores (see article 7). Thus the interaction between the spheres of lead should not be the result of the attraction coming from the universal gravitation, but of a particular force field (which is not bizarre).
Update 23/03/12: No string balls and still no black holes produced by the LHC, according to the results of 2011 (which is not good for the current theory of gravity). See this publication: http://arxiv.org/pdf/1202.6396.pdf

Update 18/03/13: Searches for large extra dimensions, gravitons, microscopic black holes, long-lived particles, dark matter, and leptoquarks are presented in the report at the following address. No sign of these new physics phenomena has been observed so far.
  Also I want to make notice that my work is not concerned with what is considered in this report (currently everything is going well for it), for example about the Long-Lived Neutral Particles and it is possible to check it if you want by following the references in this document.

Report: https://cds.cern.ch/record/1500560?ln=en

   Otherwise there is also a publication about the lack of production of string balls and black holes at the LHC, following the data of 2012 and with a better sensitivity than in 2011. See this document: http://cds.cern.ch/record/1460444?ln=en

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Article 9 second part

As well gravity is especially remarkable in the layer of inertia the closest to the Earth, what could be due to the fact that the rupture between this layer and the following one should be greater than between the others out of a greater variation of the angular velocity, what should form a higher resistance to the displacement of some particles (see last posts). Thus considering the different ruptures so the different resistances it is normal that there is an impression of a relative weightlessness in some layers between the Earth and the Moon; what should be accentuated by the fact that more the energetic concentration forming the primary particles is low more the degree of fractality is high (1), then less the particles resist to a displacement, in the same manner than when the viscosity is lesser in the usual fluids.

(1) : See : http://eternal-cartesian.blogspot.com/2009/09/6.html

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Article 9 first part

Gravity should not be without an energetic equilibrium, as well it is considered to have a constant force following a same gravimetric geoid, and posing that all equilibrium is limited in time except with a divine and absolute consideration, this implies that it should be maintained; therefore if I am not mistaken it is not good to think that the force could exist without any movement and that it could thus produce a variable quantity of it (4). So in order to explain gravity in a rational manner, we could suppose that it should be maintained by some flows of some particles of the two first secondary elements(1) and especially of some malleable ones and of some of the smallest ones in cycle which do not produce any warmth in a considerable manner(2), which should be applied in an almost homogeneous manner at the surface of an object, while they should penetrate also its inside by almost all the pores, what should reduce the importance of the mass and of the surface if it is possible to neglect the resistance of air; to our knowledge these flows have two principal and constant sources of particles, which are the light of the Sun and the radiation of the Earth. As well light could all the same penetrate the atmosphere despite the resistance at the rupture between two layers (see atmosphere in the 3 last posts) because it arrives in sufficiently dense and fast flows, nevertheless it should be this same resistance which should do that these particles could push on us, because when they should be in a concentration less dense than in the light, despite their velocity they should meet a resistance which should make them have a spinning motion or in circle being able to be developed in a helicoidal manner, and make them form some winds by a massive reorientation, but as well push the denser objects toward the bottom(3) out of the intermediate of the smallest cyclic secondary particles; this thrust should be formed because the very fast motion of the malleable particles and their size which lets them pass almost everywhere make them more suitable for going in the superior layers (see atmosphere). Thus the particles which should form this gravity should be at the basis the primary particles or malleable ones obtained by fractalization, which are endowed with an autonomous and very fast movement (2); and particularly the ones which are at the level of the body and should be on the way, following their progress toward the top and not the bottom, to take its place, next to pass above it with transmitting the motion especially out of the smallest cyclic particles; besides the flow already oriented of the particles toward the possibility to escape by the top orients easily the ones which are entering and diluting in the layer where it acts, knowing as stated previously that this flow is supplied with some particles out of a flow coming from under the soil out of the radiation of the Earth, and which periodically is reinforced by the particles coming from the Sun which are stopped at the level of the soil and by the clouds partly and have in the same manner a facility to tend toward the top, while they maintain a constant concentration in certain limits because the atmospheric resistance is not impossible to penetrate, also this resistance acts a little as a valve which should be more or less opened according to the pressure.

(1) : See : http://eternal-cartesian.blogspot.com/2009/09/god-and-elements-which-compose-it.html
(2) : See : http://eternal-cartesian.blogspot.com/2009/09/article-2.html
(3) : Light (except laser) should not oppose any considerable resistance to the bodies which can be detected by our senses because in order to act thus on these bodies it should pass by the intermediate of the other particles of the atmosphere which oppose a higher resistance and of which it should determine the trajectory in its direction without dispersing them; thus the action for conducting motion should depend as for warmth on the particles mixed with a flow of some malleable particles, because it should be especially the smallest cyclic particles, which do not produce any warmth in a considerable manner, which should be effective in order to transmit motion because they react normally better; but these particles should be in a higher concentration in the atmosphere than in light, out of the space (between them) that the concentration of the malleable particles implies, according to what the motion of the malleable particles should be better conducted by the atmosphere thus composed than by light, and when light is mixing with it, it is possible to suppose the presence of some beams of light, what at least the presence of some atoms make unavoidable out of their resistance in some masses to the luminous flow. About laser, the action is especially thermal, what is possible according to the proportion between the malleable particles and thermal ones (mixing forced at the basis), and even if the concentration of particles producing warmth need not to be very high in order to make it perceptible, the production of a relatively weak motion is possible out of their action. Lastly for the fission of an atom, the malleable particles being so much concentrated in an atom that at the moment of the phenomenon they should be deployed in a bowl, which for being diluted should not have any other possibility than to drive at its front all the most suitable particles in order to transmit motion and the others, because they could not avoid them considering the absence of any beam at the basis and their very high density.

(4) : Update 13/04/2011: See about Newton:       http://eternal-cartesian.blogspot.com/2010/09/criticism-of-gravity-by-newton.html

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Article 8 last part

Also it is possible out of neglecting the gravity to explain in a Cartesian manner (see "The World" by Descartes) how an object can go into orbit in a layer; we can consider that going at a certain speed with a certain inclination it will have a tendency to go at the location of the layer (if there is one) where the particles move themselves at the same speed and in the same direction, by assuming a possible loss of speed before to join a suitable position (see sketch 1), knowing that it must at least drive away the particles being at the place where it will be able to stabilize; also in order that this should be possible, the trajectory of the object should be sufficiently close of the one to incorporate, if not its kinetic energy will make it continue farther if this energy is superior to the one of the formed set at every moment by the met particles. In order that all of this should be clear the motion of the displacement of the object should be considered, as the sum at every moment of two perpendicular straight motions, and the same for the decomposition of the one of the layer in a same Cartesian coordinate system; as well for the layer if we consider one of these motions which is the one which represents the tendency to go in a straight line, tangential to the circular movement (or almost circular) , and if this component is superior at a location of a layer to the one corresponding for the object, then the displacement pushes as much as possible the object to follow its circular movement (or almost circular), or if this component of the displacement of a layer is inferior or of the opposite direction, the movement tends as well to drive the object, but here following an inclination contrary to the previous one (see sketch 2). Lastly if the gravity is considered for the fact to go into orbit, the object should be at the place corresponding to its density in a layer so possibly at the inferior limit, or it should be able to compensate the deviation, as the artificial satellites can do, otherwise it is possible to imagine if the object is a star with a sky an interaction with the level higher than the layer where it should be (see article 10 to come).

Monday, October 12, 2009

Article 8 second part

In order to come back to the rotation velocities in the layers we can consider that the aerial set turning with a planet can as well be named its sky, also we can consider that following the observations it should seem that the sky of the Moon should be composed in majority by some particles of the two first secondary elements, because atoms and molecules have not been noticed in a considerable manner. Now with this vocabulary we can consider that the difference of the rotation velocities between the layers could be supported by the fact that the Moon is not staying constantly above the same point of the terrestrial globe, what should stem from the interactions between some different skies, as the ones of the Moon, the Earth, and the Sun (see sketches 1 and 3, plus the article 10 to come), where the sky of the Moon could interfere with an isolating layer between the layer where it is and an other layer or the sky of the Sun; what should imply that there should be a resistance which should make vary the velocity of the layers at the limit of the skies and even which should be the cause of the formation of the isolated layers, knowing that the disposition of the arms of a galaxy seems to show a resistance at the limit of the different skies and a gradual reduction of the velocity by going toward the periphery, if not the homogeneous rotation should not form any spiral; otherwise we can remark that the astronomical revolutions of the planets of the solar system decrease by going toward the periphery. Also in order to show well the reduction of the angular velocity in the terrestrial sky due to the resistance at its periphery, it is possible to calculate the (approximate) velocity of the Moon around the Earth if it should have the same angular velocity than the Earth, in order to relativize:

Velocity at the surface of the Earth = its perimeter / its time of rotation on its axis
= diameter * Pi / 24 hours
= 7926 miles (or 12 756 km) * 3.1416 / 24 h
= 1037.5 miles/hour (or 1670 km/h)

Velocity of the Moon around the Earth without any resistance = 2 * distance from the Earth to the Moon * Pi / time of a rotation of the Earth on its axis
= 2 * 238 855 miles (or 384 400 km) * 3.1416 / 24 h
= 62 532 miles/h (or 100 636 km/h)

Real velocity of the Moon around the Earth = 2 * distance from the Earth to the Moon * Pi / time of revolution of the Moon
= 2 * 238 855 * 3.1416 / 655.75 h
= 2 289 miles/h (or 3 683 km/h)

We can then observe a very important difference of the velocity of the Moon with what it should have been without any resistance, according to what we can tend to confirm that there is a reduction of the angular velocity by going toward the periphery of the sky, and that the Moon is close to the limit of the terrestrial sky. Also following these observations and out of considering the division into some layers, it should be normal that the angular velocities decrease from a layer to the other by starting from the center and going toward the periphery; the isolating layers having an intermediate motion (see last post). According to what in each layer there should be a different inertia.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Article 8 first part

Atmosphere could be due to the spinning motion of the star, and for our senses to the formation of gases coming from the volcanic activity or some other phenomenons related to the mass in fusion as breaks. But the spinning motion only should not be sufficient because thus it should produce some constant winds and disperse the gases, it is necessary then that is formed, in addition of the gaseous layers close to the Earth, some spherical isolated layers, forming an inertia to the displacements due to the spinning motion, and constituted in majority of some invisible particles, as the Van Allen’s belts (discovered by Van Allen, from the USA), and a little as the rings that some heaps of the visible matter form around Saturn, Jupiter, Uranus, and Neptune, although in this case there is only a slice; on the top of that it has to be considered some different rotation velocities which should be related to some layers (see sketches 1 and 2), what should form a resistance by discontinuity to the crossing motion going from one to the other, and should imply then an equilibrium which should retain more or less the different particles. Also in order to explain the insulation of these layers it is possible to imagine between them a thickness, low in resistance to circular movements on each side, which should be formed of some particles of the two first secondary elements(1) which could have some helicoidal motions with accompanying the movement of each layer, as the ones formed by a screw or the displacement of a spinning propeller but adapted to the change of angular velocity (relatively to the center of rotation of the layers), and arranged between them according to their direction of rotation, what should give a configuration which could look like Rayleigh-Bénard’s cells of convection, although this phenomenon should not be identical and has been inspired differently to me, by a simple log of wood at the surface of some water; otherwise these particles could form an amalgam of whirls when a sufficiently intense light(2) or something else should come to break the regularity of the motion by its crossing action. The fact that there is some resistance between some different layers of the atmosphere is confirmed by the observations done during the travels of some rockets.

(1) : See : http://eternal-cartesian.blogspot.com/2009/09/god-and-elements-which-compose-it.html
(2): Which should be filtered during its crossing action.

About the action of the moon, it is to come.

Update 03/01/13: After a study of the Cassini mission which is about Saturn, I have found some documents which confirm what is written here.

  First there is the fact that farther the matter is from Saturn slower it orbits, what is possible to read here [1] (click on “here”).

[1]: About the gravity of the moon Prometheus, it is not obvious; furthermore it is written that the concerned particles are some icy particles, and the presence of ice should make them sticky, thus some of them should stick a bit to Prometheus after the contact (it is also possible to have some informations about the sticky snowballs here).

  Otherwise about the different rotation velocities of some layers producing a resistance by discontinuity to the crossing motion going from one to the other: After the contact between the moon Prometheus[1] and one of the ringlets of the F ring (about the contact it is possible to watch here, pay attention to the shadow of the moon), there is a black mark longer than large which is present (which is not the shadow of the moon). Also relatively to the images to come, this being produced one time per orbit and Prometheus going faster than the F ring, the next black mark is produced in front of the last one. And if we observe well the different marks here and here, it appears well that after a while there is a fracture at the level of the clearest ringlet that is produced in the continuity of these marks, and this seems to indicate well that some ringlets are not going at the same velocity, so as to form a discontinuity.

[1] Moon which does not seem to have a sky and which bounces on the F ring made of solid particles, which implies the unstable trajectory of this moon.

  Lastly an observation which is not concerning the Cassini mission: Relatively to the phenomenon of gravitational lens, it seems very probable that the presence of the layers considered in this article can produce such an effect.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Article 7

The magnetic field as a specific force field to magnet is drawn around it in its usual shape, in parallelepiped, in a particular manner, which is in butterfly; what could be explained according to the theory previously developed (see last post) by the fact that magnet following a geometrical and homogeneous formation, as for usual crystals, should develop a set of homogeneous and geometrical motions. Thus in the case of magnet according to an axis of distribution the pores located on a side should have an attractive power stemming from the depression formed by the accompaniment of the internal movement in cyclone, which should drive the surrounding particles of the two first secondary elements (1), and on the other side should have an expulsive power stemming from the pressure formed by the cyclonic leaving motion. But out of equilibrium the leaving cyclones should be complementary of the cyclonic inlets, thus it should be normal that at the level of the considered axis of distribution, should be shaped with the greatest simplicity some bridges between the cyclonic pores of inlet and of outlet, next for the formation of some bridges between farther pores, this should be done by a logical concatenation, because on a side of the leaving or entering cyclone should be a free space stemming from the curving in bridge of the cyclone of the same type at this place, and on the other should be the resistance and even the pressure formed by an unlinked cyclone of the same type, knowing that there should not be any fusion between the cyclones on the same side of the mentioned axis because they should have the same direction of rotation and thus push back themselves; according to what the one considered should be pushed alongside the bridge formed previously, thus should be curved and should form on its turn a bridge by finding on its way a complementary cyclone, but farther the pores should be, weaker the strength of the bridge should be because of the dispersion of the cyclonic motion. Lastly logically it should come that the fact to be complementary or the resistance between two poles of some different magnets should stem from the type of cyclone met, leaving or entering; also it should be considered that the contact between two magnets implies, relatively to the whole of both, that the cyclones should have a denser movement than before the contact, out of a highest concentration of particles following the trajectory which should be offered to them out of resisting to their straight motion, particles which should go through a longer distance before to have the liberty of a straighter way, what the experiment checks.

(1) : See : http://eternal-cartesian.blogspot.com/2009/09/god-and-elements-which-compose-it.html

Monday, October 5, 2009

Article 6

The mineral magnet following the logic developed should be a structure of which the arrangement should form some helicoidal movements then some whirls permanently, what should drive continually the particles of the two first secondary elements and especially the smallest ones (1), with creating like this a force field; there it should be considered especially some whirls because the attraction between some magnets or with some iron is specially strong, what helicoidal connections can particularly justify. The helicoidal movement in magnet should come from the flow of the particles going out of the atoms constituting it, this flow should have as a cause the decomposition in some straight lines of the cyclic movements present in the atom, decomposition which should provoke the ephemeral feature (relatively to an absolute consideration) of their cycle of existence ( see article 3). The orientation of the flow of emission should be done during the formation of the magnet where all the atoms and parts are orientating themselves (one another) as for the formation of the crystalline networks which form the tremies (from the Latin: trimodia, sort of pyramid hollowed out) of sodium chloride. The particles concerned being the ones which are found in light (in probably some different proportions) their quantity of motion is Q = m * c, and the force field that they form contains a kinetic energy E = ½ * m *c² ; where c is the velocity of light, and m corresponds to the quantity of particles displaced in the flow. The quantity of motion should be considerable in a durable manner in an atom without being maintained, because the movement of light is relatively stable, what should be found as well in this case; otherwise in the majority of cases there is in a non-negligible manner some transmissions of some particles and of their movement to which the kinetic energy gives utterance, besides the atomic energy of fission should come from the rupture of the cycle of a nucleus, which in its energetic liberation should permit among others the production or liberation of some inferior cycles giving the neutron, which could be named intermedion in this system. Also we can notice a particular affinity with iron, and this should be due to the fact that its structure is close to the one of the mineral magnet which is an oxide of iron and its rate of radiation should be as well close to the other one, although it should permit a less dense outflow for each pore and differently arranged in a pore and between the pores, but which is possible to influenced; thus should be produced an attraction by the propagation of the movement in cyclone, acting as a screw, phenomenon which seems as well to be produced with nickel and cobalt, of which the atomic weight are close to the one of iron; generally for the other materials the strength of the flows and the width of the pores should permit to the contact to be done without any particular resistance (2). Besides with some iron it is possible to make an electromagnet out of rolling up a wire of iron around a core of iron by a helicoidal manner (which may not be by chance) and well tight, and out of making pass a flow of some electric particles through it, then of the ones which pass generally in a magnet, with a possible variation in the proportion between the concentrations of the particles of the first and second secondary element (1) according to the type of magnet (electro or mineral). On the top of that we can remark that when the current increases in the electromagnet, some warmth is produced, what confirms the importance of the concentration of the particles of the two first secondary elements for its production; also out of increasing more we can obtain some light which depends especially on the concentration of energy in the form of some malleable particles, then on the type of these particles according to the fractality (see article 2).

(1) : See : http://eternal-cartesian.blogspot.com/2009/09/god-and-elements-which-compose-it.html
(2): We can all the same note diamagnetism, which generally has a weak effect.

Update 05/04/2011: In order to be sure of the resistance of some helicoidal movements of some particles of the same type as the particles considered for the magnet, which allows here the consideration of a force field, it is possible to read (optical tweezers are interesting here): http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2010/09/100916092055.htm

Friday, October 2, 2009

Article 5

Piezo electricity should come from the fact that the flows, stemmed from the decomposition of the equilibriums of a molecular assembly in crystals, should be distributed according to a network which subjected to a pressure should concentrate them in a manner which should make them electric; what the constraint sustained by the atoms could increase relatively to the emission of the nucleus.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Article 4

The non-artificial radioactivity concerns the heavy atoms, and considering a high density, which should contain more moving particles or/and some particles having a degree of fractality lesser(1), what should implies that by the deterioration of the equilibriums which are composing them, they could emit some very strong and penetrating flows of radiations.

(1) : See : http://eternal-cartesian.blogspot.com/2009/09/6.html

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Article 3 second part

Those rules (see last post) which are quite general can be considered as the deductions of the system defined in the previous posts, but in order to go further and can consider the mechanisms coming from the geometry of atoms and molecules, it is possible to emit some hypotheses; thus out of the common consideration that some extreme conditions are necessary to the formation of nucleuses, it comes that for the equilibrium which is formed between the particles of the two first secondary elements(1), it should be considered the formation of a very fast and very dense cycle, so with a rather weak fractality for the malleable particles. Once the cycle forming nucleus occurred, it has to be considered that it frees some particles and especially of the smallest, by the decomposition of the movement in some straight lines (2), this determining its length of life; as well it should be formed a layer of the type of the terrestrial crust, where the particles at first should arrange themselves in a heap of which the final structure should depend on the features of the nucleus, as density and size, and where could be found some cycles of some malleable particles forming some intermediate particles, as electron; thus it should be considered that the radiation of the nucleus can form a network in this heap in order to escape with being reinforced by the emissions of the heap itself, as some sunbeams going out only by a few holes or some laser rays; here it should be considered the formation of some ways converging toward some pores because this should not be as for the terrestrial crust where the radiation can pass easily through some molecular structures, because in the heap the particles are a lot finer and then resist more to the radiation. Therefore at this stage we possess a nucleus surrounded with a more porous structure, concentrating the emissions of this nucleus; next we can imagine that between the pores of emission are driven by some other pores of the aggregate some particles close to the atom, what is corresponding to a suction, probably with a weaker flow than this emission, what should have been formed during the structuring of the aggregate; thus we have some flows leaving the aggregate and some entering; considering that the principal confluence between both flows should be formed where the Venturi effect (very probable) should be the strongest, and the best produced in order to avoid some short loops going round the Venturi, effect which should prime and maintain the suction. Also it should be considered that the pores of inlet could be shaped in the prolongation of the confluence between the flows of inlet and outlet, according to a geometrical distribution (see the following sketch 1); and if there is some other confluences than the principal ones between flows of inlet and outlet, then we could think that their networks should join the closest pores of inlet through some appropriate reversed Venturi effects (pushing and not pulling) along the principal flows of inlet (a bit like with rivers and brooks). Thus we obtain a model permitting more or less the joining between some different atoms, according to the entering energetic flows so to the importance of the aggregate and of the Venturi effects that it permits, and to the leaving energetic flows so to the characteristics of the nucleus and to the ways made in the aggregate; this flows being able to become some bonds; but the flow entering by the aggregate being able to be quite weak and to not sufficiently correspond to the features of a leaving flow, in order to help the reaction several factors as pressure, the concentration of the atoms having to react, should help the contact, without forgetting that the temperature, coming from the concentration of some particles of the second secondary element, could create as well a pressure but here especially on the pores with being able to change the conformation of the aggregate; these three factors should then help the flows leaving some close atoms to be introduced more or less into the pores of inlet of the others (of these atoms), in order to form according to the general mechanism a bond of the shape of a cycle (see sketch 2), this with even being able to reinforce the flow leaving the atom where a flow is inserting, which by a reciprocal introduction should reinforce the flow which is introducing in it, what should make the bond stronger; thus the space maintained between two atoms should stem from the equilibrium between the flow of inlet of one and the flow of outlet of the other, following their dispersions; also out of the consideration of the capacity of outflow of the pores for the reinforcement; may be it should be possible otherwise to consider some bonds in half-cycles between some atoms out of the union between some non-associated flows of inlet and outlet. Thus the variety of the assemblies should be done relatively to the atoms (3) according to the capacity of the pores, and to the outflow of the flows, to their flexibility, to their size, to their number, and to their geometrical distribution between the ones of inlet and outlet; according to what the stability of a free atom could be explained by the space between the entering and leaving flows being able to form some bridges more or less strong at the free state.
(1) : See : http://eternal-cartesian.blogspot.com/2009/09/god-and-elements-which-compose-it.html
(2) : See : http://eternal-cartesian.blogspot.com/2009/09/7.html
(3) : It should not be possible to consider some bonds in cycles or half-cycles between an atom and an intermediate particle because the difference of their sizes and possibly of their structures should not permit it.

  Following this model in order to explain the exothermic reactions, we can consider that if the entering flow, reinforced by a bond, dissociates the aggregate, this can provoke an emission of warmth (1), as for example between two atoms with the leaving flows having some too much different intensities ; also the weak bonds should be explained out of some distant and not much favored correspondences, what could as well be applied for the formation of the double and triple bonds which are generally less strong (because of the bond(s) in addition to the single one which define(s) the type of the whole bond), while justifying the stability of the benzenic cycle by an almost equivalent length between the principal bond and the one which forms the fact to be doubly linked up, according to the closer distance given by the cycle; on the top of that the weaker bonds could in a molecular chain change the reactivity of the atoms being still able to associate themselves, knowing that these bonds could even not form a real cycle of bond but just influence the flows relatively to their orientation and to the development of their partially absorbable outflow. As well it is possible to explain oxidation and reduction following those principles, by considering that they should stem from the change of the structure of the aggregate which is round the nucleus of an atom (the result can be considered as a kind of atom). Lastly for electrolysis considering that there is a flow between both electrodes that the anode and cathode are, it should stem from it that the flow should dissociate at its leaving electrode, so the cathode, some molecules of which the atoms the least attracted by the electrolytic flow should join themselves according to the conditions given by this flow, and the others taken with the flow by solidarity with their leaving flows and correspondence with the entering ones should be forced to react at the other electrode out of the impossibility to follow farther the current; considering the fact that after the disunion of the molecules the electrolytic flow should be saturated by some atoms, what should stop its power of disunion.

(1): See : http://eternal-cartesian.blogspot.com/2009/09/warmth.html

Update 06/01/2011: (Vérification de la représentation) The representation of this atom is verified for the different chemical elements by the ball-and-stick model (this is quite close and the angles are respected in a good model), example (the colors have some different significations than for the sketches above):

From the definition by Wikipedia of the ball-and-stick model, here :

Update 04/04/2011: Otherwise in order to be sure of the resistance produced by some curved flows of particles of the same type as the particles considered here, which should allow the production of some resistant bonds, it is possible to read this: http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2010/09/100916092055.htm

Update 06/01/12:

  A bit of history of chemistry in order to reassure about my model of atom relatively to ions:

1800: discovery of electrolysis by Anthony Carlisle and William Nicholson

1888: industrial electrolysis with the Hall-Héroult process

1897: experimental discovery of electron by Joseph John Thomson
  Thus it appears that electron, carrier of the elementary negative charge, has been discovered experimentally after electrolysis (proton coming later), and that electrolysis was already used industrially without the appearance of charged particles in the patents. But the word “ion” can be kept, if it can refer to the attraction to electrodes and not refer to a charge.

Update 21/03/12: Nonetheless I use electron but not according to its charge.

Update 29/03/12: A new experimental fact sustains very well my theory of atom, this is an atomic resolution transmission electron microscopy of a glass; and it is possible to observe some links between some atoms (for my theory these links are done according to the principle of excess and lack : osmosis, …). There is more about it following these 2 links:


Monday, September 28, 2009

Article 3 first part

In order to define the chemical reactions following the system described in the previous posts it is possible to consider that the equilibrium between the malleable particles(1) gives the luminous flows, that the one between the particles of the two first secondary elements gives some flows as warmth, and electricity; that the equilibrium between those particles in a high density gives atoms; after that the resistances of the equilibriums (without considering how they are) between some different atoms permit their unions, where the preference of the bond is done relatively to the intensity of the resistance which produces the union, intensity which is possible to estimate (in some similar conditions); without forgetting that some weak interactions can occur in addition of the strong ones as the hydrogenated bonds between the molecules of water. About disunion it is caused according to the presence of the particles of the two first secondary elements which out of concentration can form a compensatory resistance, according to some other actions which put some space between two atoms, and according to the ages of atoms implying the dissipation of the equilibrium which is forming them; these principles being able to be induced to the actions between molecules, so between the chains of atoms. Thus it seems possible to be able to explain and symbolize the quantities of energy used during a reaction.

(1) : See : http://eternal-cartesian.blogspot.com/2009/09/god-and-elements-which-compose-it.html

The best part is coming.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Science and quantum mechanics

Heisenberg : “ May be should it be possible to divide indefinitely matter, except that at the end it should not be really a division, but a transformation of energy into matter…” (See the part : “Discussion about language”)

For the structure of atom relatively to the one I will propose (Serge l’Eternel) :
Heisenberg : “Now, if a trajectory of electron does exist in a Wilson chamber, there must be one as well in atom. But I confess to already have had some doubts about it. Because if it is true that we calculate an electronic orbit following the classic Newtonian mechanics, we confer to it afterwards, with the help of the quantum conditions, a stability that it should never have in accordance with this same Newtonian mechanics ; and when the electron jumps (in the case of the emission of radiation) from an orbit to the other, we prefer to say nothing about this jump : is it a broad jump, a high jump or what else ? So in a certain sense, all the idea that we construct about the orbit of an electron inside atom has to be absurd. But then, what? (See the part : “The notion of “understand” in physics”)
Wolfgang (Pauli) approved. “All this is really extremely mysterious. If an orbit of electron does exist in atom, electron must obviously turn on this orbit in a periodic way, with a determined frequency. In that case, the laws of electrodynamics impose that the electrical oscillations come from the charge doing this periodic motion. In other words, some light has to be radiated with the same frequency. But in reality, this is not like this at all : the frequency of oscillation of the radiated light is in fact between the frequency of orbit which precedes the famous so mysterious jump and the one which follows. All this is basically pure madness.” (See the part : “The notion of “understand” in physics”)
Wolfgang : “…; with regard to both of us, honestly, we do even not believe in the electronic orbits…” (See the same part)
Heisenberg : “…Bohr must know, him also, that he begins with some hypotheses which contain some contradictions, which can not be right therefore in the considered form…” (See the same part)
Niels Bohr, Nobel Prize laureate in physics, and creator of the actual pattern for atom : “By stability, I mean that this is always the same substances, with the same properties, which appear…This is incomprehensible following the classic mechanics, especially if we admit that atom looks like a planetary system.” (See the same part)
He adds a bit further : “These images (of atoms), answered Bohr, have been deducted or rather if you prefer, “guessed” from experimental facts ; they are not the fruit of some sort of theoretical calculations. I Hope that these images describe the structure of atoms as good (but only as good) as possible in the visual language of the classic physics…”
Heisenberg : “But how will it be possible, in these conditions, to do some progresses? When all is said and done, has not it, physics, to be an exact science?” (See the same part)
“We must expect, said Bohr, that the paradoxes of the quantum theory, the incomprehensible aspects linked to the stability of matter, are going to be lighted in an always more distinct manner with every new experimental fact. If this is thus, we can hope that with time some new concepts will be formed, and that these new concepts will allow us to seize in a certain way even the not visual processes occurring in atom. But from that we are still very far.” (See the same part)

(From the same book as the previous post)

Friday, September 25, 2009

A bit of morality with Heisenberg

In “Physics and Beyond” of Werner Heisenberg (Nobel Prize laureate in physics), a book not only scientific but as well political, moral, and about philosophy and religion :

“…Nonetheless on a restriction basis, I have all the same to say that some rules exist which are effectively respected, though nobody does impose it. Thus, for example, we do not smoke and drink only rarely some alcohol…” (See the part : “A lesson of politics and history”)
Otherwise :
“The problem of values I said, this is the set of questions : what should we do? To what have we to aspire? How must we behave? The problem is then formulated by the human being and relatively to the human being ; this is the problem of the compass which has to orientate our way through life. This compass has received some very different names in the various religions and ideologies : “happiness”, “God’s willpower”, “the sense of life”, in order to quote just some of them…” (See the part : “Positivism, metaphysics and religion”)
As well about his relation with the Jews (without being one) when he did neither seem Marxist nor against workers :
“…About the anti-Semitism preached by Hitler, this is for me as well one of the most unpleasant aspects of the movement…” (See the part : “Revolution and university life”)
“…Our compatriots will understand, I hope fast enough, that we can not participate any more to the modern life without an efficient research ; they will may be acknowledge, especially relatively to the atomic physics, that the disdain shown toward the fundamental research by the actual national-socialist régime has contributed to the actual catastrophe or at least has constituted a symptom of it.” (See the part : “The way of the new start”)
What does sustain the theory following which Hitler was the false friend of the great innovators, which do not let dupe themselves and drive like this.
Finally we can read that the scientific thinkers are not some mad persons :
“…It is told that, when the first scientific society has been set up, they did take as a task to fight against the superstitions by refuting by some experiences the affirmations which were in the books of magic…” (See the part : “Positivism, metaphysics and religion”)

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Article 2

Light logically should stem from the concentration of the malleable particles moving(1) themselves together or rather of their type if we consider the degree of fractality(2), and it can be accompanied by more or less warmth according to the quantity and the size of the sufficiently free particles of the second secondary element that it takes with(3) ; on the top of that for the luminous displacement we have better to remind that the primary or malleable particles directly obtained by the fractalization of Energy possess an autonomous and very fast movement out of the energetic attributes((2) and the posts of the same set), as well at a sufficient concentration of energy in a same direction, they can drive the particles formed by some cycles of these same primary particles, according to what they are at the foundation of all movements (in the case of light, see article 9 to come). Otherwise we could think that, out of the influence of the majority movement depending on the distribution of the energetic mass so on the shape, the movement in the malleable particle could orientate itself in a homogeneous manner.
But for our senses light possesses some different direct sources which can be some chemical reactions, as combustion, as well the one produces by fireflies, and the one corresponding to the nuclear fusions or the nuclear explosions ; but can also be electroluminescence produced for example by lightning. Besides we can notice that the luminous presence proves well here (in this system) that the energy is the same for electrons with electroluminescence during which they cohabit in a high concentration with light, and in nucleus with the light and not its absorption obtained with its opening. On the top of that, as it has been remarked in the previous article negativity can be accepted as it represents a lack, but it should unavoidably try to compensate itself, what is not observed here. Also if the search for absorption could be a present phenomenon for each peace of matter and proportional to its density, why to the planetary scale the biggest parts should be more easily attracted between them? Whereas thus they should cause to themselves more interaction as the identical parts of magnets, and then leave between them the small less dense particles, so of an inferior attraction; nevertheless flame goes up and there is not any space between a stone and the soil, at rest.
1: Colors could come from some different degrees of concentration. \ 2: See http://eternal-cartesian.blogspot.com/2009/09/6.html \ 3: See http://eternal-cartesian.blogspot.com/2009/09/god-and-elements-which-compose-it.html

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Article 1

About the absolute vacuum we can mathematically consider that it represents nothingness so zero, what seems difficult to obtain with an absolute consideration, because from nothing nobody can produce anything so some space, for the reason that when there is an absolute vacuum between two sides they are sticking together; following what it should be even more difficult to obtain less than the absolute vacuum. Thus as it is better to consider what can exist than what cannot, zero can only be relative and the mathematical negativity only give utterance to a lack; nevertheless this is not a problem to consider geometrically the square root of a lack, what implies that the one of a negative number should in this case be rational, what is approached by the complex numbers where the missing part can be considered as imaginary and the present one as real; but in order to realize fully the consideration it should be noticed(1) square root of -1 = -1, because generally "i" is used for symbolizing the imaginary set but the negative sign should be enough.

(1) : Considering that a square missing surface can be the product of two missing sides, knowing that if only one has been present the surface should as well be missing, but there should be two roots for example 1 cm and -1 cm, one present and one missing ; as well the problem has to be well relativized because if the negative sign occurs as a relation then : -1(object) * -1 = 1(object), or may be better : - * 1(object) * - = 1(object), because the lack of a lack is a presence and the reject of this one is the multiplication by 0, so the relative non-being.