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Article 3 second part

Those rules (see last post) which are quite general can be considered as the deductions of the system defined in the previous posts, but in order to go further and can consider the mechanisms coming from the geometry of atoms and molecules, it is possible to emit some hypotheses; thus out of the common consideration that some extreme conditions are necessary to the formation of nucleuses, it comes that for the equilibrium which is formed between the particles of the two first secondary elements(1), it should be considered the formation of a very fast and very dense cycle, so with a rather weak fractality for the malleable particles. Once the cycle forming nucleus occurred, it has to be considered that it frees some particles and especially of the smallest, by the decomposition of the movement in some straight lines (2), this determining its length of life; as well it should be formed a layer of the type of the terrestrial crust, where the particles at first should arrange themselves in a heap of which the final structure should depend on the features of the nucleus, as density and size, and where could be found some cycles of some malleable particles forming some intermediate particles, as electron; thus it should be considered that the radiation of the nucleus can form a network in this heap in order to escape with being reinforced by the emissions of the heap itself, as some sunbeams going out only by a few holes or some laser rays; here it should be considered the formation of some ways converging toward some pores because this should not be as for the terrestrial crust where the radiation can pass easily through some molecular structures, because in the heap the particles are a lot finer and then resist more to the radiation. Therefore at this stage we possess a nucleus surrounded with a more porous structure, concentrating the emissions of this nucleus; next we can imagine that between the pores of emission are driven by some other pores of the aggregate some particles close to the atom, what is corresponding to a suction, probably with a weaker flow than this emission, what should have been formed during the structuring of the aggregate; thus we have some flows leaving the aggregate and some entering; considering that the principal confluence between both flows should be formed where the Venturi effect (very probable) should be the strongest, and the best produced in order to avoid some short loops going round the Venturi, effect which should prime and maintain the suction. Also it should be considered that the pores of inlet could be shaped in the prolongation of the confluence between the flows of inlet and outlet, according to a geometrical distribution (see the following sketch 1); and if there is some other confluences than the principal ones between flows of inlet and outlet, then we could think that their networks should join the closest pores of inlet through some appropriate reversed Venturi effects (pushing and not pulling) along the principal flows of inlet (a bit like with rivers and brooks). Thus we obtain a model permitting more or less the joining between some different atoms, according to the entering energetic flows so to the importance of the aggregate and of the Venturi effects that it permits, and to the leaving energetic flows so to the characteristics of the nucleus and to the ways made in the aggregate; this flows being able to become some bonds; but the flow entering by the aggregate being able to be quite weak and to not sufficiently correspond to the features of a leaving flow, in order to help the reaction several factors as pressure, the concentration of the atoms having to react, should help the contact, without forgetting that the temperature, coming from the concentration of some particles of the second secondary element, could create as well a pressure but here especially on the pores with being able to change the conformation of the aggregate; these three factors should then help the flows leaving some close atoms to be introduced more or less into the pores of inlet of the others (of these atoms), in order to form according to the general mechanism a bond of the shape of a cycle (see sketch 2), this with even being able to reinforce the flow leaving the atom where a flow is inserting, which by a reciprocal introduction should reinforce the flow which is introducing in it, what should make the bond stronger; thus the space maintained between two atoms should stem from the equilibrium between the flow of inlet of one and the flow of outlet of the other, following their dispersions; also out of the consideration of the capacity of outflow of the pores for the reinforcement; may be it should be possible otherwise to consider some bonds in half-cycles between some atoms out of the union between some non-associated flows of inlet and outlet. Thus the variety of the assemblies should be done relatively to the atoms (3) according to the capacity of the pores, and to the outflow of the flows, to their flexibility, to their size, to their number, and to their geometrical distribution between the ones of inlet and outlet; according to what the stability of a free atom could be explained by the space between the entering and leaving flows being able to form some bridges more or less strong at the free state.
(1) : See : http://eternal-cartesian.blogspot.com/2009/09/god-and-elements-which-compose-it.html
(2) : See : http://eternal-cartesian.blogspot.com/2009/09/7.html
(3) : It should not be possible to consider some bonds in cycles or half-cycles between an atom and an intermediate particle because the difference of their sizes and possibly of their structures should not permit it.

  Following this model in order to explain the exothermic reactions, we can consider that if the entering flow, reinforced by a bond, dissociates the aggregate, this can provoke an emission of warmth (1), as for example between two atoms with the leaving flows having some too much different intensities ; also the weak bonds should be explained out of some distant and not much favored correspondences, what could as well be applied for the formation of the double and triple bonds which are generally less strong (because of the bond(s) in addition to the single one which define(s) the type of the whole bond), while justifying the stability of the benzenic cycle by an almost equivalent length between the principal bond and the one which forms the fact to be doubly linked up, according to the closer distance given by the cycle; on the top of that the weaker bonds could in a molecular chain change the reactivity of the atoms being still able to associate themselves, knowing that these bonds could even not form a real cycle of bond but just influence the flows relatively to their orientation and to the development of their partially absorbable outflow. As well it is possible to explain oxidation and reduction following those principles, by considering that they should stem from the change of the structure of the aggregate which is round the nucleus of an atom (the result can be considered as a kind of atom). Lastly for electrolysis considering that there is a flow between both electrodes that the anode and cathode are, it should stem from it that the flow should dissociate at its leaving electrode, so the cathode, some molecules of which the atoms the least attracted by the electrolytic flow should join themselves according to the conditions given by this flow, and the others taken with the flow by solidarity with their leaving flows and correspondence with the entering ones should be forced to react at the other electrode out of the impossibility to follow farther the current; considering the fact that after the disunion of the molecules the electrolytic flow should be saturated by some atoms, what should stop its power of disunion.

(1): See : http://eternal-cartesian.blogspot.com/2009/09/warmth.html

Update 06/01/2011: (Vérification de la représentation) The representation of this atom is verified for the different chemical elements by the ball-and-stick model (this is quite close and the angles are respected in a good model), example (the colors have some different significations than for the sketches above):

From the definition by Wikipedia of the ball-and-stick model, here :

Update 04/04/2011: Otherwise in order to be sure of the resistance produced by some curved flows of particles of the same type as the particles considered here, which should allow the production of some resistant bonds, it is possible to read this: http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2010/09/100916092055.htm

Update 06/01/12:

  A bit of history of chemistry in order to reassure about my model of atom relatively to ions:

1800: discovery of electrolysis by Anthony Carlisle and William Nicholson

1888: industrial electrolysis with the Hall-Héroult process

1897: experimental discovery of electron by Joseph John Thomson
  Thus it appears that electron, carrier of the elementary negative charge, has been discovered experimentally after electrolysis (proton coming later), and that electrolysis was already used industrially without the appearance of charged particles in the patents. But the word “ion” can be kept, if it can refer to the attraction to electrodes and not refer to a charge.

Update 21/03/12: Nonetheless I use electron but not according to its charge.

Update 29/03/12: A new experimental fact sustains very well my theory of atom, this is an atomic resolution transmission electron microscopy of a glass; and it is possible to observe some links between some atoms (for my theory these links are done according to the principle of excess and lack : osmosis, …). There is more about it following these 2 links:


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Article 3 first part

In order to define the chemical reactions following the system described in the previous posts it is possible to consider that the equilibrium between the malleable particles(1) gives the luminous flows, that the one between the particles of the two first secondary elements gives some flows as warmth, and electricity; that the equilibrium between those particles in a high density gives atoms; after that the resistances of the equilibriums (without considering how they are) between some different atoms permit their unions, where the preference of the bond is done relatively to the intensity of the resistance which produces the union, intensity which is possible to estimate (in some similar conditions); without forgetting that some weak interactions can occur in addition of the strong ones as the hydrogenated bonds between the molecules of water. About disunion it is caused according to the presence of the particles of the two first secondary elements which out of concentration can form a compensatory resistance, according to some other actions which put some space between two atoms, and according to the ages of atoms implying the dissipation of the equilibrium which is forming them; these principles being able to be induced to the actions between molecules, so between the chains of atoms. Thus it seems possible to be able to explain and symbolize the quantities of energy used during a reaction.

(1) : See : http://eternal-cartesian.blogspot.com/2009/09/god-and-elements-which-compose-it.html

The best part is coming.

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Science and quantum mechanics

Heisenberg : “ May be should it be possible to divide indefinitely matter, except that at the end it should not be really a division, but a transformation of energy into matter…” (See the part : “Discussion about language”)

For the structure of atom relatively to the one I will propose (Serge l’Eternel) :
Heisenberg : “Now, if a trajectory of electron does exist in a Wilson chamber, there must be one as well in atom. But I confess to already have had some doubts about it. Because if it is true that we calculate an electronic orbit following the classic Newtonian mechanics, we confer to it afterwards, with the help of the quantum conditions, a stability that it should never have in accordance with this same Newtonian mechanics ; and when the electron jumps (in the case of the emission of radiation) from an orbit to the other, we prefer to say nothing about this jump : is it a broad jump, a high jump or what else ? So in a certain sense, all the idea that we construct about the orbit of an electron inside atom has to be absurd. But then, what? (See the part : “The notion of “understand” in physics”)
Wolfgang (Pauli) approved. “All this is really extremely mysterious. If an orbit of electron does exist in atom, electron must obviously turn on this orbit in a periodic way, with a determined frequency. In that case, the laws of electrodynamics impose that the electrical oscillations come from the charge doing this periodic motion. In other words, some light has to be radiated with the same frequency. But in reality, this is not like this at all : the frequency of oscillation of the radiated light is in fact between the frequency of orbit which precedes the famous so mysterious jump and the one which follows. All this is basically pure madness.” (See the part : “The notion of “understand” in physics”)
Wolfgang : “…; with regard to both of us, honestly, we do even not believe in the electronic orbits…” (See the same part)
Heisenberg : “…Bohr must know, him also, that he begins with some hypotheses which contain some contradictions, which can not be right therefore in the considered form…” (See the same part)
Niels Bohr, Nobel Prize laureate in physics, and creator of the actual pattern for atom : “By stability, I mean that this is always the same substances, with the same properties, which appear…This is incomprehensible following the classic mechanics, especially if we admit that atom looks like a planetary system.” (See the same part)
He adds a bit further : “These images (of atoms), answered Bohr, have been deducted or rather if you prefer, “guessed” from experimental facts ; they are not the fruit of some sort of theoretical calculations. I Hope that these images describe the structure of atoms as good (but only as good) as possible in the visual language of the classic physics…”
Heisenberg : “But how will it be possible, in these conditions, to do some progresses? When all is said and done, has not it, physics, to be an exact science?” (See the same part)
“We must expect, said Bohr, that the paradoxes of the quantum theory, the incomprehensible aspects linked to the stability of matter, are going to be lighted in an always more distinct manner with every new experimental fact. If this is thus, we can hope that with time some new concepts will be formed, and that these new concepts will allow us to seize in a certain way even the not visual processes occurring in atom. But from that we are still very far.” (See the same part)

(From the same book as the previous post)

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A bit of morality with Heisenberg

In “Physics and Beyond” of Werner Heisenberg (Nobel Prize laureate in physics), a book not only scientific but as well political, moral, and about philosophy and religion :

“…Nonetheless on a restriction basis, I have all the same to say that some rules exist which are effectively respected, though nobody does impose it. Thus, for example, we do not smoke and drink only rarely some alcohol…” (See the part : “A lesson of politics and history”)
Otherwise :
“The problem of values I said, this is the set of questions : what should we do? To what have we to aspire? How must we behave? The problem is then formulated by the human being and relatively to the human being ; this is the problem of the compass which has to orientate our way through life. This compass has received some very different names in the various religions and ideologies : “happiness”, “God’s willpower”, “the sense of life”, in order to quote just some of them…” (See the part : “Positivism, metaphysics and religion”)
As well about his relation with the Jews (without being one) when he did neither seem Marxist nor against workers :
“…About the anti-Semitism preached by Hitler, this is for me as well one of the most unpleasant aspects of the movement…” (See the part : “Revolution and university life”)
“…Our compatriots will understand, I hope fast enough, that we can not participate any more to the modern life without an efficient research ; they will may be acknowledge, especially relatively to the atomic physics, that the disdain shown toward the fundamental research by the actual national-socialist régime has contributed to the actual catastrophe or at least has constituted a symptom of it.” (See the part : “The way of the new start”)
What does sustain the theory following which Hitler was the false friend of the great innovators, which do not let dupe themselves and drive like this.
Finally we can read that the scientific thinkers are not some mad persons :
“…It is told that, when the first scientific society has been set up, they did take as a task to fight against the superstitions by refuting by some experiences the affirmations which were in the books of magic…” (See the part : “Positivism, metaphysics and religion”)

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Article 2

Light logically should stem from the concentration of the malleable particles moving(1) themselves together or rather of their type if we consider the degree of fractality(2), and it can be accompanied by more or less warmth according to the quantity and the size of the sufficiently free particles of the second secondary element that it takes with(3) ; on the top of that for the luminous displacement we have better to remind that the primary or malleable particles directly obtained by the fractalization of Energy possess an autonomous and very fast movement out of the energetic attributes((2) and the posts of the same set), as well at a sufficient concentration of energy in a same direction, they can drive the particles formed by some cycles of these same primary particles, according to what they are at the foundation of all movements (in the case of light, see article 9 to come). Otherwise we could think that, out of the influence of the majority movement depending on the distribution of the energetic mass so on the shape, the movement in the malleable particle could orientate itself in a homogeneous manner.
But for our senses light possesses some different direct sources which can be some chemical reactions, as combustion, as well the one produces by fireflies, and the one corresponding to the nuclear fusions or the nuclear explosions ; but can also be electroluminescence produced for example by lightning. Besides we can notice that the luminous presence proves well here (in this system) that the energy is the same for electrons with electroluminescence during which they cohabit in a high concentration with light, and in nucleus with the light and not its absorption obtained with its opening. On the top of that, as it has been remarked in the previous article negativity can be accepted as it represents a lack, but it should unavoidably try to compensate itself, what is not observed here. Also if the search for absorption could be a present phenomenon for each peace of matter and proportional to its density, why to the planetary scale the biggest parts should be more easily attracted between them? Whereas thus they should cause to themselves more interaction as the identical parts of magnets, and then leave between them the small less dense particles, so of an inferior attraction; nevertheless flame goes up and there is not any space between a stone and the soil, at rest.
1: Colors could come from some different degrees of concentration. \ 2: See http://eternal-cartesian.blogspot.com/2009/09/6.html \ 3: See http://eternal-cartesian.blogspot.com/2009/09/god-and-elements-which-compose-it.html

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Article 1

About the absolute vacuum we can mathematically consider that it represents nothingness so zero, what seems difficult to obtain with an absolute consideration, because from nothing nobody can produce anything so some space, for the reason that when there is an absolute vacuum between two sides they are sticking together; following what it should be even more difficult to obtain less than the absolute vacuum. Thus as it is better to consider what can exist than what cannot, zero can only be relative and the mathematical negativity only give utterance to a lack; nevertheless this is not a problem to consider geometrically the square root of a lack, what implies that the one of a negative number should in this case be rational, what is approached by the complex numbers where the missing part can be considered as imaginary and the present one as real; but in order to realize fully the consideration it should be noticed(1) square root of -1 = -1, because generally "i" is used for symbolizing the imaginary set but the negative sign should be enough.

(1) : Considering that a square missing surface can be the product of two missing sides, knowing that if only one has been present the surface should as well be missing, but there should be two roots for example 1 cm and -1 cm, one present and one missing ; as well the problem has to be well relativized because if the negative sign occurs as a relation then : -1(object) * -1 = 1(object), or may be better : - * 1(object) * - = 1(object), because the lack of a lack is a presence and the reject of this one is the multiplication by 0, so the relative non-being.

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Conclusion before more sciences (included gravity)

Heisenberg and God :
To read before :http://eternal-cartesian.blogspot.com/2009/08/heisenberg-and-god.html

In order to stay in the same frame of mind, with the memory of the exodus toward the regions of the western Europe of the learned Greeks and philosophic unpublished works after the capture of Constantinople by the Turks, what makes this movement of thought at least a little our heritage, I recommend you in the reasonable limits the philosophy which considers God from Socrates by way of René Descartes, because all of this although being able to differ about some different opinions, and depending on some truths that we can find in us perpetually, testifies as well to a continuity of the knowledge which is opened to us, and then to the will-power for the possession in us of a part always bigger of the divine eternity. As well it is good to honor the compatibility of some philosophies, because this is not a blemish supposing the copy, but an advantage permitting to participate in the running of the general thought out of continuity. The compatibility is an effort and not a facility, it supposes the mastery of the topic, but may be in some other words more personal, being anyway generally a part of the common sense to think; as well in order to be really useful, this effort has to bring some new ideas, actualizing the old ones at the same time. Lastly it is better to be lucid as Socrates, whose the philosophy is quite close, to the one limited as a religion, of Christianity, and which explains, in the 25th paragraph of the Plato’s Phaedrus, that in order to understand fully things, anybody should have a fully divine science; and thus even for a god, it is only possible to give an approximate idea, with satisfying himself out of a human science and its part of divinity. As well we have better to notice that this science with time tends with rigor logically to increase its part of truth, in order that we can be less approximate. Besides religion cannot permit to itself to preach some theories from the time in which they appear as scientific hypotheses, it has better to restrict itself the most as possible to certitudes, and then to stay in the field of the generalities capable of supporting moral.

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About elements

Heisenberg and God :
To read before :

The most important in a materialistic way can seem to be the spinning center, of some stars, of the solar system, of the galactic whirls..., and then the important energy that it contains; thus God’s concentration is important concerning our existence, knowing that it can as well destroy us through the intermediate of God’s tertiary elements. But before the existence of stars, we have to consider an equilibrium of the energy forming some cycles permitting to obtain atoms, this by producing some light at a sufficient concentration, after a bowl of energy where some intermediate cycles are made and some atoms, as the center of some stars, that is what seems to happen by the intermediate of the telescope in what is designated to us as a black hole, with on the top of that the absorption of some already existing matter, but the phenomenons implied in this are not yet very clear, although an equilibrium is surely present and in part in the shape of a whirl apparently. The important natural elements developed after are the chemical components which will give soil, which will be agitated by the central movement and the interaction of stars ; as well volcanoes and the movements of the continental plates out of the energetic potential of the center of stars, next the gaseous layers of the atmosphere which retain water and the winds of gas moved among others by the interactions of stars, and the emissions of warmth which can form the lightning; lastly the living organisms stemmed from the combination or the equilibrium of all of this, what makes them very dependent.

In a sketched way, we obtain:

The Asymmetric Fractalization, Movement, Resistance, and Equilibrium
The Malleable particles, Light, the intermediate Particles, Warmth, Atoms, Molecules, Matter, Stars and their energetic potential

The Asymmetric Fractalization, Movement, Resistance, and Equilibrium
The Flows of particles, Gases, Liquids/
Their movements being due to their own equilibrium and to the one of stars

The Asymmetric Fractalization, Movement, Resistance, and Equilibrium
The Living Organisms

Friday, September 18, 2009

Water, lightning and living organisms

Water stems from the equilibrium of the energetic potential of stars which forms the different atoms and molecules; but in a usual manner we can observe its gaseous condensable emission during some combustions and mainly the one stemmed from volcanoes. As well if we can observe its presence on the Earth it is due to the inertia of the atmosphere which prevents from its dissipation in the space following the spinning movement of the Earth; thus it is possible to find it in three different forms which are vapor (clouds...), liquid (rains, lakes, rivers, seas...), and ice (snow, hail, ice-floe...). About the liquid streams they have in part the same causes as the considered winds (see last post) applied to the liquid element and can be influenced by them, as well tidal waves come from volcanic activities and the displacements of plates, where there is wave phenomenons but as well thermal(1) ones; and it has to be considered the variations of relief for the fluvial flows.
1: Also some enough powerful hurricanes can be accompanied by a groundswell of a considerable height.

Lightning is stemmed from the formation of some concentrated flows of particles, which are the ones of the two first secondary elements (see the beginning of the presentation of the elements), in which are some of those forming light; these flows are called electric currents, here they are formed in air where they make their way through moisture. For this it has to be enough particles in order to form these flows, to what warmth can contribute, after it has to be atmosphere which can retain water which forms clouds and moisture, which catalyze the currents of particles in order to make them electric.

Lastly living organisms are not without light, warmth, the different mineral and organic components which form soil, as well air so atmosphere, and lastly water. On the top of that it is possible to specify that a lot of animals are not without plants which assure the presence of oxygen, and these, if we use a microscope, without the unicellular microorganisms as protists, which are stemmed from the formation of DNA out of the elements which have just been quoted.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Stars, atmosphere, gravity and winds

Stars are not without the energetic concentration which had created them, thus we obtain among others the Sun, the Earth, the Moon, and comets.

Atmosphere is not without an energetic phenomenon which permits the formation of some layers more or less resistant to the exchanges of particles and for our senses without the formation of gases which is coming from the volcanic activity or some other phenomenons related to the mass in fusion as breaks.

Gravity is not without the energetic phenomenon which acts in the formation of atmosphere and sorts out bodies according to their density.

The winds of surface are not in a remarkable way without some changes of pressure which can come from the variations of warmth due to the regulation of our atmosphere, to our location relatively to the Sun, then to the equilibrium of the movements of stars and the activity of the sources of warmth. For example this produces phenomenons as cyclones and trade-winds. But wind depends as well on the emission of gas brings by combustion and fermentation, without forgetting explosions which emit suddenly some gas or/and some energetic particles.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Warmth following the logic of this system should occur at the basis out of the movement of the secondary particles inferior to atom, and the contact that they produce, then in the sensible manner out of the biggest of the second secondary element taken with the ones of the first (see the two last posts), thus light should produce more or less warmth according to the quantity and the size of the particles sufficiently free of the second secondary element that it carries ; but to the scale of our senses it has as its main sources the exothermic reactions as combustion (volcanoes and fires) and fermentation (soil), but as well shocks (stars and other solids), frictions ( the movements of the continental plates, stars, and other solids), the compression or concentration of energy (the centers of whirls, the layer of the high atmosphere or thermosphere) and radioactivity (chain reaction in the Sun or the center of some stars, and some ores coming from the soil).

Monday, September 14, 2009


Light following the logic of this system (see the last article or until the beginning of this blog) stems from the concentration of the malleable particles moving themselves together or more from their type if we consider the degree of fractality (see : The main God’s characteristics). But for our senses it has some different direct sources which can be some chemical reactions, as combustion, as well the one produces by fireflies, and the one corresponding to the nuclear fusions or explosions ; but can as well be electroluminescence produced for example by lightning.

Friday, September 11, 2009

God and the elements which compose It

At first a thought for the memory of the sad event which did occur a 11th of September, I mean the crash on the twin towers. Otherwise I hope (and I want) that my work will help to construct USA and not to destroy it.

To read before :

The primary Energy can be considered as the only primary element, after come logically, out of the action of the immutable attributes which are movement, the asymmetric fractalization, resistance, and equilibrium, the three secondary elements described at the basis by René Descartes (see « The World »), of which the first is the set of the malleable particles as quark produced for us out of the fractalization and having an autonomous capacity of movement according to the features of energy; the second the set of the small particles in a stable form as electron coming for us from some cycles of some malleable particles; and the third the set of the particles which form the solid matter as atoms coming for us from some cycles formed from some inferior particles, and molecules coming from the interactions between atoms. Next from the mixing of these three elements, some others arise which are the most important in Nature as a sensual world, and these can be designated as the tertiary elements. These are light, lightning, volcanoes, the movements of the continental plates, warmth, the winds of surface which go with atmosphere, gravity, water, the living beings (plants and animals), the composition of soil, the Sun and the other stars.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


To read before :

God is as well infinitely knowing, thus although the finite degrees of creations come from the divine infinity and not the opposite, It possesses all the finite degrees of knowledge which form a sum to infinity, because the concept of every thing depends on God’s essence, and is then a part of the eternal continuity of Its being, thus unlike the human being It has a perfect knowledge of all Its parts at every moment, knowing that God is exclusively introvert; relatively to continuity It is then immutable and predisposed in Its manner to exist, and It has thus all the perfections stemming from the independence of the true existence, which can be conceived as one of Its synonyms. About Devil, it has mainly a relative meaning, as it is against the perfection of a thing and goes then in the direction of the acceleration of the annihilation of this thing in the more or less long term, if it is not a lesser evil for a greater good. Therefore relatively to humanity it appears especially by the voluntary error, which is according with all vices, because the human nature which is inferior to God’s one, is unavoidably confronted to its involuntary gaps, and we cannot pretend to be more than what we can be. But to want to follow the truth is already to go in God’s sense. Thus obstinacy to do what experience has proved us as bad several times is generally demoniac, because we have better to avoid to get into of some bad habits ; then a bad experience, especially if we have been advised against it, needs a delay for thinking at least, in order to know if there is a correctable error; as well vice out of inexperience is lesser, and even more vice against which there has been no prevention; it comes then that the one who incites to do what he/she knows as evil proceeds from Devil, and the one who prevents from God, knowing that there is an optimum happiness expected in virtue for the human being, and that our happiness depends as well on others’ one; in order to find the right way it is enough to recognize what is useful and just. Nevertheless we have better to look for existence because God does not permit us to know the aim of humanity and if it has to come we have better to wait for it in happiness by hoping that an issue should be possible. Lastly in order to avoid any superstition we have better to notice that if God wants that there is particular things that we observe in the predisposition of Its events, It makes them appear very clearly and can as well reiterate their manifestation in order that we understand them well, but we have better to be careful to the fact that this should not be the consequence of a devilish person seeking to manipulate us.

Monday, September 7, 2009


To read before :

God has a perfect spirit, so non-subjected to error, what implies that Its consciousness, Its understanding, and Its will-power are confused and instantaneous. This spirit is represented by the causes of the change of the energetic mass which are movement, the possibility to form an equilibrium, or resistance, and equilibrium itself of which the production can combine with another one, that is all of this which permits to build a logic ; thus God’s thought is not independent on Its expanse, although they are distinct, contrary to what is for the human being, relatively to the fact that its thought is not really its, especially if this thought is an eternal truth and is then perpetually applied in the divine infinity. On the top of that we have to notice that for God the union between the movement in straight line or ray, which is the spiritual foundation, and the shape of the expanse is done by the resistance, which permits as well the connection of the different shapes of expanse thus obtained, and we can think the same thing between the human being’s spirit and body. Besides generally spirit which is the cause of creation, is necessary to our existence and has to be then considered by us at least as much as the material expanse and the superficial shape; knowing on the top of that, that the cycle permitting force comes from the change that spirit implies, and which allows then the internal and external shape; as well relatively to the human being it has to be noticed that its spirit permits it to obtain the help of the spirits of the elements which are superior to it and can then thus surpass the primary force of its body.

Friday, September 4, 2009


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God is as well infinitely powerful out of the potential of all the things which compose It, and out of the first possibilities of Its basic substance. Thus Energy gives utterance to Itself by the infinite power of Its movement and of Its equilibrium following the affinities or resistances of things or equilibriums (ones in comparison with others), this in order to go in the direction of existence and follow continual and perpetual perfection. Movement in its simplest state so in straight line, and as an attribute of Energy, is the first cause of creation; as well resistance and the asymmetric fractalization are two intermediate causes, and permit equilibrium which is an intermediate and final cause; nevertheless there is not the risk of the formation of a general and immutable equilibrium, because the asymmetric fractalization accompanies by movement perpetually applied imply a perpetual change, so some states of equilibrium which are ephemeral with an absolute consideration and renewable, which free perpetually a quantity of energy, as tiny it should be, and the most often in the shape of a movement of the smallest particles; we have to notice as well that equilibrium occurs at the meeting without scattering, of several movements and of the resistances which accompany them, without implying that these are stopped but rearranged, and this often in a circle or equivalent cycle ; what does illustrate itself well by the formation of whirls at the confluence of two streams of water well disposed and sufficiently powerful. Besides we can notice that equilibrium represents a force as a potential which can produce a movement, because if somebody breaks its cycle, it can then produce some movement differently; according to what we obtain that a force is stemmed from the association of movement and resistance. Thus movement is not supposed to stop itself, even when there is an impression of break, if we refer to atomic energy of fusion and fission, therefore it seems that break should be relative to a defined change, and that there should be a constant conservation of the quantity of motion proportionally to the energetic mass, which permits to assume a constant quantity of resistance, and then a constant quantity of force.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


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God must as well be considered as fractalizing Itself in an asymmetric way, or there is another equivalent attribute in the divine logic in order that movement and equilibrium could form some under-sets and apply to them, rather than move a big homogeneous mass. This fractalization principle permitting Energy’s infinite partial divisibility, partial because there is not any spacious absolute vacuum between Its parts; as well it is possible to consider that the degree of fractality depends on the concentration of energy, thus higher it is lower is the degree, because the motion producing the concentration compensates for the fractalization.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


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God out of Its corporal attribute of the first importance which is expanse defines a space which is infinite in height, length, and width; because we can conceive nothing bigger; thus It has got all the finite degrees of expanse which form a sum to infinity, although finite degrees of creations come from the divine infinity and not the opposite.