Monday, November 8, 2010


  Science ? Nobody cares…I will not have enough money in order to stop crime, and I need to breed and nobody can do it instead of me, so it will be a crime also to not do it (do not kill the babies).

May be I can be a sportsman :) .

  O.K. it is true that I am already 35 years old and soon 36, but I will have more persons interested in what I am doing; and I will not need to wait until I have some problems with my organs for breeding (it begins often at 40 years old, I have heard). Thanks science :) nonetheless medicine is a science. But I know, what I have done in science is the kind of thing used almost all over Europe and the world, and not only in France.

P.-S.: For those who want to do more or less the same thing in any country, before to work hard, it should be better to unify in order to make that such a work has what it deserves when it needs it and not when it is too late.

Update of the 02/04/2011: Since last month I am 36 years old. 

Update 15/04/2011:

Why normally intelligent men want to have what they deserve

  If one reads Charles Sanders Peirce it appears that instinct is an important thing. And if we consider breeding and some animals like the red squirrel, it comes that abundance is an important element for begetting; this because instinctively when there is not enough elements of abundance like food, the female rejects the male. Thus the feeling of affluence seems to trigger off the desire of breeding, and it seems also that it works with women, thus it is just instinctive and they are not bad because they prefer men with a good amount of wealth. So if we consider the fact that the best women will go preferably with the men who have enough wealth, the men who are more important for the well-being of a country will need to have enough wealth in order to have the women who correspond to them. And here we need to consider that if the intelligent men do not have the good women, they risk more to have some children which are not like them and more like not very intelligent workers for example. Finally if instinct seems not avoidable, after several centuries of observation of the behavior of humanity, some excesses can be avoided and prevented by thought and the advices coming from it.      

P.-S.: Also the article 6 of the declaration of the human rights of 1789, in France, is going in this direction considering virtues and talents. Even if history teaches us that a revolution with the people is not the best way in order to arrange things for intelligent persons; but republic is a good thing.

Update 03/04/12: Since last month there have been 37 years since I was born a healthy baby of 3.150 kg and 50 cm without a premature birth (and this is official).


Joseph Smidt said...

Good luck with the breeding. :)

Cartesian said...

Thanks !

Cartesian said...

As a note for the post : I do not think, it is better to be a sportsman because it is more masculine (and then more attractive for women), in fact as a thinker, I am masculine.

Cartesian said...

Note 2: my work has been published in France in 2006, I do not know if they want me to go mad, but I am still normal.

Cartesian said...

Note 3: to improve the condition of scientists can really bring more satisfaction than finding some important things (so even if there is an achievement, what is not so easy), it seems.

Cartesian said...

Some women, who I know, do have an attractive body but are not good in order to have the wanted children (even it was O.K. to try to be together) because they have a bad behavior.

Cartesian said...

I do not know if the tenth plague of Egypt is a Jewish tradition (to attack the breeding of some persons), but I hope it is not.

Cartesian said...

I do not try to have more comments by putting these ones, I just want to give some precisions (it is not a provocation for any person).