Monday, August 31, 2009


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God in all Its attributes can be conceived as infinite and perfect, so there is some which apply to Its totality and others only to Its parts because they imply some dependence. Thus It is not as cellular life which results only from the interaction of some other elements; besides we can consider this dependent life as an element to tend to perfection, although it is not indispensable. On the other hand God can be defined as Its own cause and not the effect of another one, because It results from nothing else than Its own existence; and it is easy to understand that existence out of its eternal character, then incorruptible, implies continually existence. Nothing is lost everything is transforming.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Characteristic 3

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God as Energy with an absolute consideration seems to be an easy concept, nevertheless It is the complexity at its highest true and coherent level, because It is composed of all existing thing. Following what, It is changing and immutable at the same time in Its evolution rules, and then identical with an absolute consideration. On the top of that it is better to understand that we are able to consider It only as It has decided to introduce to us, noticing that the human nature is approximate in its evaluations, and that some things can be different for God’s will-power and for the weakness of our soul. However it is encouraging because out of the divine immensity we will always have something to think about and to discover; as well we have better to be careful not to confuse complexity and absurdity, just as simplicity and short reasoning, because the simplest thing is the most coherent, following a rigorous and detailed analysis. As well we have better to consider that our nature permits us only to believe really what is compatible with what we already know, if not we would risk to fall in madness and its excesses ; therefore in order to innovate we always need some demonstrations which are rigorous and without any deceit.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Energy as a characteristic

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God in Its essence is Energy permitting all energies transformable one in another more or less directly (chemical, mechanical...), It is then eternal, and indivisible with an absolute consideration because all Its parts are from the same substance with this consideration ; as well it cannot be any absolute vacuum occupying a space between its parts, for the reason that the presence of an absolute vacuum should be equivalent as noticing that they are perfectly sticking together, thus an expanse absolutely empty is not an expanse, but nothing.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The main God’s characteristics

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God is infinitely perfect and cause of everything which exists, thus everything is made perfectly at all the steps of creation. As well all these things which seem imperfections to us are at least nevertheless often an intermediary for the human being’s comprehension, because out of understanding what seems to us disorder we success to find in a more complete manner the or the several causes of the usual order.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Heisenberg and God

Heisenberg and God in “Physics and Beyond” of Werner Heisenberg (Nobel Prize laureate), a book not only scientific but as well political, moral, and about philosophy and religion :

Wolfgang (Pauli, Nobel Prize laureate in physics) asked : “When you say that one could not understand anymore the quantum theory, do you want to say by this that physics is not only composed by experimentation on one side and mathematical formulas on the other, but that at the junction of both some true philosophy should be done? Said differently, that there it has to be tried, using the natural language, to explain what does really happen in this margin between experimentation and mathematics? I suppose besides that all the difficulties that one meets in order to understand the quantum theory are precisely at this place where the positivists, generally do not stop…” (See the part : “Positivism, metaphysics and religion”)
“Positivists, did I say (Heisenberg Nobel Prize laureate in physics), do defend with a particular virulence against all the formulations of problems which, as they say, present a prescientific feature…” (See the same part)
“For my part, continued Niels (Bohr, Nobel Prize laureate in physics, also reserved about positivism), I can obviously not agree with such a language shrinkage…”(See the same part)
Heisenberg is adding later :
“In science, the central order can be recognized by the simple fact that we can use some metaphors such as : “nature is created following this plan”. And this is here that my conception of truth is bound to the state of things to which religions do refer. I think that all these correlations can be better thought now, since we have understood the quantum theory. Because in this theory, we can formulate in the mathematical abstract language a unified order extending on some very wide domains…” (See the same part)
“Yes answered Wolfgang, I believe that this model of thought is very understandable…” (See the same part)
Wolfgang did ask me in a quite abrupt manner :
“Basically do you believe in a personal God?…” (See the same part)
I answered : “Can I formulate differently the question that you did ask me? It should be then asked like this : Can you, or can one, communicate as directly with the central order of things or phenomena (the existence of this order being not doubtful) as one communicate, eventually, with the soul of a human being?...” (See the same part)

It seems thus easier for a religion to separate from the notion of God, the first cause and the central order (See Buddhism), than for sciences and especially at the basis the quantum mechanics (then chemistry…). Thus my work is not religious (there is no cult), and even when I relate about morality, I stay at the level of the moral advice.