Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Warmth following the logic of this system should occur at the basis out of the movement of the secondary particles inferior to atom, and the contact that they produce, then in the sensible manner out of the biggest of the second secondary element taken with the ones of the first (see the two last posts), thus light should produce more or less warmth according to the quantity and the size of the particles sufficiently free of the second secondary element that it carries ; but to the scale of our senses it has as its main sources the exothermic reactions as combustion (volcanoes and fires) and fermentation (soil), but as well shocks (stars and other solids), frictions ( the movements of the continental plates, stars, and other solids), the compression or concentration of energy (the centers of whirls, the layer of the high atmosphere or thermosphere) and radioactivity (chain reaction in the Sun or the center of some stars, and some ores coming from the soil).