Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Mixture of styles

According to the relief and the climate there are some styles of life which resist more to evolution like fishing on coasts, the pastoral breeding in mountains, warlike culture where climate makes the life too much unpleasant ; the stabilization is then occurring in plains and the fertile valleys, but this stabilization allows as well the division of the activities by settling some rules of exchange, thus these rules can spread and apply to the groups living according to some different styles of life ; knowing that the agreements with some warriors can assure the peace with them and the security relatively to some other groups of warriors, also considering regardless of the contribution of these groups that there are always some not much favored persons in the population who are ready to fight in order to have something, without forgetting in the event of a problem those who want to defend what they have, of which the common advantages.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Cultivators / breeders

In this case we presume that there is already a quite important population because there is a lot of regularization in order to assure the most possible of productivity on a same area ; this leading to an industrial logic. In this situation the breeding of the beasts is not exactly like with pastors because a part of the cultures will be able to be used in order to feed them, with allowing to move less and to vary the breedings. At this level of stability the things are well settled, and the rules have then more easiness to spread, as well the distributions of activities and the organization of exchanges are done more easily ; thus the education is more advanced according to the quantity of the things to know, what in order to facilitate the memorization pushes to develop writing, which helps to install a common memory useful in order to affront some facts which occurred in a cyclic manner with a possible difference of several generations between two apparitions. Intelligence becomes then more in demand because it allows often a lesser effort which is to think for a greater good which is to be able to avoid some hostilities and other problems ; it is then a moral tool which allows to develop ethics, but there are also some risks of deviation because its too much negatively selfish use can lead to sophism, nonetheless in this case problems are not avoided in an optimal manner, because there is the pressure of vengeances.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The pastoral persons

It would be normal that in order to avoid the problems of the migration of the chase between some different territories and even in order to not have to do some too much important moves to follow it, there be some who capture and tame some animals in order to be ensured of the possession of their resources, without having to move too much, knowing moreover that it is unpleasant for one to leave a place where this one has its landmark in order to be in harmony with its environment. Obviously it has to be possible for the livestock to graze, but this allows to be more sedentary, and does not need a lot of rules, it is especially important to consider the distribution of meadows ; thus for a people living especially in this manner a lot of surface for the beasts is needed, so few pastors, hence a small group ; for example as rules there should be an union for the protection of flocks against robbery, and the attacks of the wild beasts, and an organization for the move of the cattle. This kind of organization is adapting easily to mountain because it is difficult to work with this land and to move on it in order to chase, nonetheless it gives some pasturage allowing a durable dairy production.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

The barbarous warriors

Those instead of doing too much efforts in order to be in peace prefer to plunder their neighbors and their territories, but this style of life means some morals quite not easy to live with in a group, because based on crime, the affront of death and the disdain of one's own serenity ; thus for their well-being they should finish by pacifying themselves as much as possible after having conquered what could permit them to live.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The basic groups

We can consider that man and woman are adapting to the different styles of life according to their body then to their primordial abilities. Otherwise the styles are deduced from the different ways of living that one can experiment or observe in our advanced civilization, from documentaries that media are producing about some small isolated peoples (groups), but as well can be confirmed with “The Spirit of Laws” by Montesquieu, and with “The Social Contract” by Rousseau.

The hunters / fishermen / pickers

The easiest group which can be considerable seems to be this one, though in this case at the beginning if the human homes are enough spaced it be not the need to consider a real group (grouping) and the rules seem to not have the need to be very developed in a home, although the apprenticeship to some techniques which could evolve for several generations be natural ; nonetheless a link should be very probably present according to some unavoidable kinship, even if by easiness each home takes a piece of land where it will normally not lack any resource ; moreover the hostility of the environment can already push to form a group in order to hunt, fish and pick, also some conflicts can divide some members of the same family. Thus a level of proximity is occurring quite rapidly what implies some rules in order to avoid the hostilities between human beings and facilitate the formation of couples ; but this kind of society being quite not much developed the considerations are linked at first with the capacity to find some foods easily, so often with the physical capacities ; though the one in order to do weapons and traps be already considerable, but at this level this can come only from the imitation of some encountered facts and not from reflections, intelligence is then not much in demand.
There is as well the option of the move in a group according to seasons and to the move of chase, in this case the group is important because one has to move all the time and one does not know then enough the environment in order to avoid the problems which are coming with ; but this possibility seems less convenient than the other, because more stressful and then normally less practiced.

Friday, January 1, 2010