Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Cultivators / breeders

In this case we presume that there is already a quite important population because there is a lot of regularization in order to assure the most possible of productivity on a same area ; this leading to an industrial logic. In this situation the breeding of the beasts is not exactly like with pastors because a part of the cultures will be able to be used in order to feed them, with allowing to move less and to vary the breedings. At this level of stability the things are well settled, and the rules have then more easiness to spread, as well the distributions of activities and the organization of exchanges are done more easily ; thus the education is more advanced according to the quantity of the things to know, what in order to facilitate the memorization pushes to develop writing, which helps to install a common memory useful in order to affront some facts which occurred in a cyclic manner with a possible difference of several generations between two apparitions. Intelligence becomes then more in demand because it allows often a lesser effort which is to think for a greater good which is to be able to avoid some hostilities and other problems ; it is then a moral tool which allows to develop ethics, but there are also some risks of deviation because its too much negatively selfish use can lead to sophism, nonetheless in this case problems are not avoided in an optimal manner, because there is the pressure of vengeances.

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