Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The aristocratic republic

  In this case the too much corrupted people chooses some representatives in order to take all the decisions and even the one of a leader for the executive power, but there is the risk of oligarchy, which arises from the bribery of the representative aristocracy by favoring kinship and wealth, what sends then to monarchy ; this being quite simple when there is not any president and that the aristocrats hold the three powers, it is better therefore in this case that they have some rather short mandates in order that an exterior pressure be maintained on them. Thus this organization is really beneficial if the aristocrats try to defend the interests of the people, by allowing it also to be sufficiently alert intellectually in order to find again the ability to take some decisions. Otherwise in a democracy it is better to mind that some leaders do not push toward vice in order to be able to install an aristocracy, by aiming an oligarchy.