Saturday, August 29, 2009

Characteristic 3

To read before :

God as Energy with an absolute consideration seems to be an easy concept, nevertheless It is the complexity at its highest true and coherent level, because It is composed of all existing thing. Following what, It is changing and immutable at the same time in Its evolution rules, and then identical with an absolute consideration. On the top of that it is better to understand that we are able to consider It only as It has decided to introduce to us, noticing that the human nature is approximate in its evaluations, and that some things can be different for God’s will-power and for the weakness of our soul. However it is encouraging because out of the divine immensity we will always have something to think about and to discover; as well we have better to be careful not to confuse complexity and absurdity, just as simplicity and short reasoning, because the simplest thing is the most coherent, following a rigorous and detailed analysis. As well we have better to consider that our nature permits us only to believe really what is compatible with what we already know, if not we would risk to fall in madness and its excesses ; therefore in order to innovate we always need some demonstrations which are rigorous and without any deceit.