Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Existence of God and Its relation with humanity

In order to have a good approach of this system, we can consider that the fact is sure that God is composed of forces which dominate the body of the human being we are, as well the one of all the creatures of our planet, if we stop at what we can easily notice. The fact is then neat that these forces participate in the divine equilibrium in a more important way than humanity, even if their actions engender it then have it as finality, because out of the same way the human being has the engine in part as finality. We should then consider that God is not an animal, not more one of the elements which dominate us, but a lot more than these: Energy which balances itself in the pure state and according to the energetic potential of all the elements which form Nature. Nature here can be considered as an under-set which is the sensual world and its variations, with God going further as the first cause of the creation of this world ; and then obviously cause of the human being, if not we should not subject ourselves to Its divine laws out of our dependence. Thus the fact is neat that we are made of God’s substance which is Energy with an absolute consideration, as well it is able to agglutinate by equilibrium in some different particles in order to form all atoms, which form molecules, which form matter in general; after out of the increase of the complexity of the energetic assembly is coming up the organic life which differentiates from the inanimate matter by an independent system of multiplication. So in reality the human being can be defined as God’s image as it is a continuous and complex set of some energetic equilibriums, which anyway is not of the same fullness.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

The realization of a system

To read before :

The first clear conception, according to chemistry, I had from God before consulting any book was that It was the Equilibrium of all things or under-equilibriums, thus in a general way Its application was the intermediate and final cause of creation, also It was applying to energy as the component of matter, which could be considered as eternal and non-created. Then between the reading of RenĂ© Descartes and a pantheist, during I was searching a system compatible with both, I did have the idea that Energy as representing motion and the origin of matter was a concept which was corresponding to the requirements. After in a lecturing book, I did meet the Aristotle’s system which can be approached from the RenĂ© Descartes’ one: the Aristotle’s one in fact was close to my first conception with the consideration of the first cause of movement and the original matter; and may be more the Descartes’ one considering the first cause of motion and energy, if it is possible to separate them here. Finally I had decided to develop my second system, knowing that it is quite compatible with some of the others, and that the fact it considers movement as an attribute of Energy is quite important, because the energy of movement is the equivalent of time, seeing that it cannot be without motion; then here we have the theory which is that time is a dimension of space so of what occupies it, and which cannot be something else than energy with an absolute consideration ; noticing that the other dimensions are height, length, and the quantity of energy contains in a space defined like this. As well with this system God is totally independent because any part of It applies to It only.