Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The possibility of the spiritual relative democratic republic

Summary (I am proud to announce that J.-J. Rousseau and Montesquieu did not not propose any new model of constitution like I am doing.):

This one would be a variant for the moderated democracy (and less expensive to run), which would consider and respect the intellectual and moral hierarchy in all the people[1], permitting thus a better equilibrium between the different parts of the population (when all of it has to take a decision without any representative, what progress permits more), and a better blossoming of the family by the intermediate of a feminine institution (with the possibility of a woman as a president and a possible government…) permitting more independence to women (what would allow them to develop some works without any masculine pressure, and then to prove what they are able to do) after having considered the importance to have some children before living with more independence (but this period should be accompanied with some rights in order that both parts of the couple have the same amount of respect, like the right to vote for women…) ; what the increase of the number of the rather old women justifies currently.

[1] See: http://eternal-cartesian.blogspot.com/2010/03/absolute-democratic-republic.html