Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The advanced groups

Once the stability installed in a population of which the density limits the actions, intelligence is expressed more largely with permitting order, and security relatively to some civilizations of the same type. Thus there are different manners to lead some groupings in countries, and in the simplest systems there are tyranny and the absolute monarchy, next some constitutions are coming in order to be the closest to the order of truth (laws, merit…) so to avoid at the maximum the errors and their unpleasantness ; and the intelligence showing its power the links of family are enough weakened in order to allow that it takes precedence more and more, until the arrival of republic, without all the same making forget the responsibility of the family ; nonetheless the will-power to have some wealth and its power is maintaining a pressure in the other direction. But rotten intelligence can make doubt about its utility relating to the people and thus develop a communism where the kinds of persons are more mixed (or give back some importance to the links of family by going backward) ; though one have not to reject the fact that a moral intelligence be ready normally to bring a minimum of resources to each one, what is consolidating the union by the part of serenity received, which will bring some as well in exchange by a fall of aggressiveness and offenses, which are justified by survival. Intelligence in order to enhance its value has then to be used morally.