Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The democratic republic with a house of representatives

  The people lets its power be organized according to the specificity of the decisions and thus gives up its direct legislative power to a part of a parliament ; thus those who are designated as representatives of the people’s power have to help it to stay moral at the maximum in order to assume the other decisions, what is implied by the social contract. These representatives in our current democracies form what can be called the House of Representatives, which with what corresponds to the Senate form the Parliament (or Congress) which is used for legislating ; for what is concerning the Senate it can be occupied by the nobility and the clergy, or by some elected persons chosen by the representatives of the people, or by some persons directly elected by the people under some special conditions for being eligible, if we refer to the 17th amendment to the U.S. constitution added in 1913 and refer to the article 1, section 3 of the same constitution.