Thursday, December 10, 2009

Why a morality? (last part)

Finally without entering in some constitutional problems in case of doubt the moral advice should be able to be used as a choice, as it has been suggested before ; this with knowing that this is possible to interpret differently a same experience, what implies then that a solution methodically studied and considered in context be useful in order to conclude well ; solution which moreover should harmonize the ways of life and avoid some accidents of which it is better to not have the experience, solution which also should be able to help the ambition of some persons to go in the good direction and maintain the moral sense of each one. On the top of that the moral advice can protect a minimum innocents by stopping them to let some persons lead them in the bad direction, knowing that this protection could put them at the service of good. And at least for those who normally constituted find life unbearable, they have to understand that the experience of their woe will be able to help them afterward to appreciate existence in a better way if they manage to correct the bad habits which make them so much suffer, by having may be to weather a temporary schizophrenia ; as well they have to accept to live following their abilities, then without forcing too much and with the possibility to know as much as possible serenity ; it is true that some experiences help us to evaluate our limits, but it is not good also to underestimate them, while succeeding in lessen morally the biases which maintain us away from them in order to not become paranoid.