Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The aristocratic republic

  In this case the too much corrupted people chooses some representatives in order to take all the decisions and even the one of a leader for the executive power, but there is the risk of oligarchy, which arises from the bribery of the representative aristocracy by favoring kinship and wealth, what sends then to monarchy ; this being quite simple when there is not any president and that the aristocrats hold the three powers, it is better therefore in this case that they have some rather short mandates in order that an exterior pressure be maintained on them. Thus this organization is really beneficial if the aristocrats try to defend the interests of the people, by allowing it also to be sufficiently alert intellectually in order to find again the ability to take some decisions. Otherwise in a democracy it is better to mind that some leaders do not push toward vice in order to be able to install an aristocracy, by aiming an oligarchy.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The democratic republic with a house of representatives

  The people lets its power be organized according to the specificity of the decisions and thus gives up its direct legislative power to a part of a parliament ; thus those who are designated as representatives of the people’s power have to help it to stay moral at the maximum in order to assume the other decisions, what is implied by the social contract. These representatives in our current democracies form what can be called the House of Representatives, which with what corresponds to the Senate form the Parliament (or Congress) which is used for legislating ; for what is concerning the Senate it can be occupied by the nobility and the clergy, or by some elected persons chosen by the representatives of the people, or by some persons directly elected by the people under some special conditions for being eligible, if we refer to the 17th amendment to the U.S. constitution added in 1913 and refer to the article 1, section 3 of the same constitution.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The absolute democratic republic

  People compared with some other categories likes to emphasize the fact that it is composed of numerous persons, thus the intelligence formed by the totality of the people becomes a dominant factor of choice ; but the problem is that intelligence is not the same in all the people, according to what some choices prove logically to not be able to go always really in the sense of the interest of the country in the long term, and risk even according to the majority to let a bit too much sensuality be installed and then corruption to the detriment of the intellect ; and this even if the government is trying to push at the maximum the abilities of the citizens in order to assume their legislative activity, because the pressure thus formed can become too much constraining for some persons, who risk to want to install a less constraining communism ; moreover relatively to abilities, in the common education an intellectual and moral hierarchy appears, it should be then a minimum respected in order to make the choices. About the choices they are used at first for electing some leaders by the intermediate of the universal suffrage, after they can be applied to the different powers ; but the people is generally not holding the three powers in a direct manner, it participates in the legislative one and it is especially in this case that it is important to do some shades in the ability to evaluate a law and its consequences ; otherwise the general will is generally not participating in the judicial power, nonetheless in a particular manner some persons of the people can be chosen in order to be jurors, and if there is a nobility and a clergy the people is considered by the origin of certain judges ; finally for the executive power the general will elects the leader corresponding to this power according to this person’s program, who chooses after some representatives, nonetheless some referendums can take place in order to consult the people ; otherwise the general will on the top of that can be divided according to the territory in order to choose more or less directly some representatives of the executive power who can be the leaders of some administrative divisions like towns and other subnational entities.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


  Normally it rejects the choice of the leader relative to heredity and wealth, in order to make prevail the free will, so reflection, but which has to be moral in order to be really suitable, thus the universal suffrage becomes the tool for choosing ; also the importance of the morality makes that a real social contract is creating (between each one and the others) in order to maintain it as good as possible ; after the people and those who come from it participate particularly in the reflections of the state, what depends on how they are accompanied if we consider the distribution of the different powers (see “The Spirit of Laws”, book 11, by Montesquieu).

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The constitutional monarchy

  At this stage there is an order which is installed between several dominant families which form the nobility and a possible clergy, thus the court is structuring in an organized manner and there are some places already definite in their functions, according to what the powers can be separated and shared more easily ; thus the principles are preserved and the decisions discussed ; generally thanks to vote and not to heredity the people also has its representatives though they can not try to make believe in a divine right being able to justified anything. After a parliament can be organized in order to share out the legislative power ; thus the dialogues increase and intelligence can compete with heredity.

This manner to lead could come differently that with the organization of the power after an invasion, if we imagine an organization by the grouping of families of which the proximity increases always, and which possess as well between them some links of family, but at the basic stage it is often violence which solves the problems, what lets presume some streaks with tyranny.