Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The constitutional monarchy

  At this stage there is an order which is installed between several dominant families which form the nobility and a possible clergy, thus the court is structuring in an organized manner and there are some places already definite in their functions, according to what the powers can be separated and shared more easily ; thus the principles are preserved and the decisions discussed ; generally thanks to vote and not to heredity the people also has its representatives though they can not try to make believe in a divine right being able to justified anything. After a parliament can be organized in order to share out the legislative power ; thus the dialogues increase and intelligence can compete with heredity.

This manner to lead could come differently that with the organization of the power after an invasion, if we imagine an organization by the grouping of families of which the proximity increases always, and which possess as well between them some links of family, but at the basic stage it is often violence which solves the problems, what lets presume some streaks with tyranny.

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