Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The absolute monarchy

  The power in this case is very arbitrary because generally the powers are not separated and not much shared, but compared with tyranny there are more already established principles that the leader respect for this one’s appointment and in order to work out this one’s judgment, moreover there is a court present traditionally in order to orient this one’s decisions, though the persons being part of it can be there for some arbitrary reasons ; what can be because of an order which is still not well established or because of the corruption of the monarch. This way to lead can follow easily the tyranny, thus the tyrant, would make appoint for coming after this one a person of this one’s descendants whom would make continue to be some acquired principles, order which would be propagated in the latter’s entourage ; moreover the wealth according to the enrichment of the successive generations by their domination, would become as important as the warlike spirit. Otherwise this manner to lead could as well come from the corruption of the constitutional monarchy.

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