Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The pastoral persons

It would be normal that in order to avoid the problems of the migration of the chase between some different territories and even in order to not have to do some too much important moves to follow it, there be some who capture and tame some animals in order to be ensured of the possession of their resources, without having to move too much, knowing moreover that it is unpleasant for one to leave a place where this one has its landmark in order to be in harmony with its environment. Obviously it has to be possible for the livestock to graze, but this allows to be more sedentary, and does not need a lot of rules, it is especially important to consider the distribution of meadows ; thus for a people living especially in this manner a lot of surface for the beasts is needed, so few pastors, hence a small group ; for example as rules there should be an union for the protection of flocks against robbery, and the attacks of the wild beasts, and an organization for the move of the cattle. This kind of organization is adapting easily to mountain because it is difficult to work with this land and to move on it in order to chase, nonetheless it gives some pasturage allowing a durable dairy production.

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