Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Article 8 last part

Also it is possible out of neglecting the gravity to explain in a Cartesian manner (see "The World" by Descartes) how an object can go into orbit in a layer; we can consider that going at a certain speed with a certain inclination it will have a tendency to go at the location of the layer (if there is one) where the particles move themselves at the same speed and in the same direction, by assuming a possible loss of speed before to join a suitable position (see sketch 1), knowing that it must at least drive away the particles being at the place where it will be able to stabilize; also in order that this should be possible, the trajectory of the object should be sufficiently close of the one to incorporate, if not its kinetic energy will make it continue farther if this energy is superior to the one of the formed set at every moment by the met particles. In order that all of this should be clear the motion of the displacement of the object should be considered, as the sum at every moment of two perpendicular straight motions, and the same for the decomposition of the one of the layer in a same Cartesian coordinate system; as well for the layer if we consider one of these motions which is the one which represents the tendency to go in a straight line, tangential to the circular movement (or almost circular) , and if this component is superior at a location of a layer to the one corresponding for the object, then the displacement pushes as much as possible the object to follow its circular movement (or almost circular), or if this component of the displacement of a layer is inferior or of the opposite direction, the movement tends as well to drive the object, but here following an inclination contrary to the previous one (see sketch 2). Lastly if the gravity is considered for the fact to go into orbit, the object should be at the place corresponding to its density in a layer so possibly at the inferior limit, or it should be able to compensate the deviation, as the artificial satellites can do, otherwise it is possible to imagine if the object is a star with a sky an interaction with the level higher than the layer where it should be (see article 10 to come).