Tuesday, September 1, 2009


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God out of Its corporal attribute of the first importance which is expanse defines a space which is infinite in height, length, and width; because we can conceive nothing bigger; thus It has got all the finite degrees of expanse which form a sum to infinity, although finite degrees of creations come from the divine infinity and not the opposite.


Joseph Smidt said...

"which form a sum to infinity"

It turns out mathematicians classify two types of infinities: countable and uncountable.

Countable ones can be decomposed into an infinite sequence. A sum is usually thought of adding up a sequence of numbers.

Uncountable infinities are ones that are so big that they cannot be decomposed into any sequence, infinite or not. These infinities are too big to be decomposed into sequences.

So, I was just wondering what your thoughts were on this: man can conceive infinities so big sequences can't hold them so is this sum some supernatural sum summing a sequence man just can't wrap their mind around?

Cartesian said...

I think we are closer to uncountable infinites, but Descartes makes an interesting shade of meaning about what is infinite and what is indefinite ; this because what is infinite has no end and what is indefinite can have one, but we cannot determine it, and generally because it is too big.

Cartesian said...

Postscript : But I know that this shade of meaning is not used generally in mathematics.