Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Article 1

About the absolute vacuum we can mathematically consider that it represents nothingness so zero, what seems difficult to obtain with an absolute consideration, because from nothing nobody can produce anything so some space, for the reason that when there is an absolute vacuum between two sides they are sticking together; following what it should be even more difficult to obtain less than the absolute vacuum. Thus as it is better to consider what can exist than what cannot, zero can only be relative and the mathematical negativity only give utterance to a lack; nevertheless this is not a problem to consider geometrically the square root of a lack, what implies that the one of a negative number should in this case be rational, what is approached by the complex numbers where the missing part can be considered as imaginary and the present one as real; but in order to realize fully the consideration it should be noticed(1) square root of -1 = -1, because generally "i" is used for symbolizing the imaginary set but the negative sign should be enough.

(1) : Considering that a square missing surface can be the product of two missing sides, knowing that if only one has been present the surface should as well be missing, but there should be two roots for example 1 cm and -1 cm, one present and one missing ; as well the problem has to be well relativized because if the negative sign occurs as a relation then : -1(object) * -1 = 1(object), or may be better : - * 1(object) * - = 1(object), because the lack of a lack is a presence and the reject of this one is the multiplication by 0, so the relative non-being.


gfellow said...

Enjoying your comments on absolute vacuums, and I thought you might enjoy my musings on the subject:
"Non-Space, Is Gravity being Induced? A Challenge to Plasma & Neutrino Physicists"


"An Empty Sun - Is Gravity being Induced?"

Cartesian said...

Thanks for your contribution.