Friday, September 25, 2009

A bit of morality with Heisenberg

In “Physics and Beyond” of Werner Heisenberg (Nobel Prize laureate in physics), a book not only scientific but as well political, moral, and about philosophy and religion :

“…Nonetheless on a restriction basis, I have all the same to say that some rules exist which are effectively respected, though nobody does impose it. Thus, for example, we do not smoke and drink only rarely some alcohol…” (See the part : “A lesson of politics and history”)
Otherwise :
“The problem of values I said, this is the set of questions : what should we do? To what have we to aspire? How must we behave? The problem is then formulated by the human being and relatively to the human being ; this is the problem of the compass which has to orientate our way through life. This compass has received some very different names in the various religions and ideologies : “happiness”, “God’s willpower”, “the sense of life”, in order to quote just some of them…” (See the part : “Positivism, metaphysics and religion”)
As well about his relation with the Jews (without being one) when he did neither seem Marxist nor against workers :
“…About the anti-Semitism preached by Hitler, this is for me as well one of the most unpleasant aspects of the movement…” (See the part : “Revolution and university life”)
“…Our compatriots will understand, I hope fast enough, that we can not participate any more to the modern life without an efficient research ; they will may be acknowledge, especially relatively to the atomic physics, that the disdain shown toward the fundamental research by the actual national-socialist rĂ©gime has contributed to the actual catastrophe or at least has constituted a symptom of it.” (See the part : “The way of the new start”)
What does sustain the theory following which Hitler was the false friend of the great innovators, which do not let dupe themselves and drive like this.
Finally we can read that the scientific thinkers are not some mad persons :
“…It is told that, when the first scientific society has been set up, they did take as a task to fight against the superstitions by refuting by some experiences the affirmations which were in the books of magic…” (See the part : “Positivism, metaphysics and religion”)

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