Thursday, November 19, 2009

Definition of encephalon first part

Encephalon is an organ common to all the vertebrate animals, it is located in the skull, also it is prolonging by the nerves via the spinal cord except for the nerves of the skull; its principal and common functions are used for the management of what is happening inside and outside the body, by the intermediate of the senses which are divided into the sight, the hearing, the touch, the taste and the sense of smell; these drive the informations by the nerves as far as the specific areas of the encephalon, which next manages the actions. For the set of the nerves, it is divided into two general parts the sensory one and the motor one; the sensitiveness so the sensory action is always more or less active; about the motor intervention, it is distinguished at its turn into two parts, the vegetative one which manages only the necessary actions as the breathing, the hunger, the sexual appetite, the digestion, the cardiac functioning, the system of the blood, …; and the somatic part which manages according to the changes of the life the actions on the outside in a direct way, and indirect one out of the programming changing via the habits and memories stemming from actions which happen again in the same manner...

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