Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Politics and scientists second part

In order to conclude about politics and sciences, I want to add that Heidegger has confessed in the interview he has given to “Der Spiegel” in 1966 (See Ecrits politiques, 1933-1966, par Martin Heidegger, ├ęditions Gallimard), that philosophy (as he practiced it) should not any more have any directly useful role in the change of the world. But he has well glimpsed that the most useful role of philosophy had a future from sciences (not literary), although writing a philosophical work needs some literary talents ; on the top of that it is better to be scientific and literary, in order to have a supporting group through the works of some dead persons (what is current in philosophy) or alive, but also the support of history. Furthermore the sense of this scientific exit (which is well compatible with the political part of my work, for which I did begin an American version) is present in Heisenberg’s book “Physics and Beyond”, relating of (not literary) sciences, of moral, of philosophy, of religion, and of politics. Finally I know the USA are a bit in advance about the relation between not literary sciences and politics, if we consider Benjamin Franklin; so I hope they would help the world to go in this direction. It is time that intellectual creators, which are competent in politics, have the possibility to have more power in this field. So we researchers of the most advanced countries have to unify in order to help real intelligence to have what it deserve! We can do it, especially in a world which needs to change! But we have to take a lesson from Mr. Penn (creator of Pennsylvania), which is to not associate with the bad people.

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