Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Second part

...And on their side the bests have to understand that it is not good to denigrate the least good ones by leaving them going to madness, what could justify the corruption coming from a too much strong rupture leading to some privileges being able to incite to rebel at least those who should want to go through this rupture ; to understand also that everybody cannot be like them, what the too much absolute popular democracy should want, because in this case in order to make well all the choices the majority of inhabitants should finally think like the minority that the “human-Gods” (those who are thinking better) are forming, but this being not possible a development toward the aristocratic republic is arising (just toward but not in) because of the advantage of the best choice (like with the formation of a house of representatives) ; as well it has to be noticed that on the top of a not sure choice, it stems from this type of initiative that to force some persons to change too much their level of morality and of knowledge in order to choose well ended by attacking them and can divert into an enlightened dictatorship ; to what could answer an absolute communism developing a too much basic culture, but giving satisfaction to the least learned ones that could think that this happiness could be good for everybody ; but this by creating too much promiscuity should attack the way of life of the most moral ones by risking at least to develop a kind of anarchy coming with hypocrisy and egoism, or risking to push the best to leave. But without falling in these excesses, in a State where the inhabitants share in an adequate way some choices by the vote in a spirit of liberty, there must be a not too much demanding minimum of lucidity required, hence of the common order, what the morality should assure for the good of everyone ; but those who prove to not be capable of assuring this minimum, should not have the possibility to participate in this choice...

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