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Article 9 last part

But there is something left to explain in order this should be really logical, because at a same altitude in the closest layer to the soil the gravity is increasing by going from the equator toward the North Pole, although this is not the same thing by going toward the South Pole (there are more irregularities); as well it can seem strange that the gravity decreases when the altitude increases in this same layer, while the heaviest gases, as the CO2, which are then the closest to the soil have a greater capacity to carry as the liquid water compared with air, what should propose the opposite phenomenon (if we refer to the conditions of the experiment of von Jolly). Thus a new factor should be considered which is the composition of the soil, and here we can consider a black matter having an attractive power, which is magnetite or the mineral magnet, and which as its name indicates forms a magnetic field(1) by creating a flow with the particles of the two first secondary elements and especially the smallest ones; also the flow that they should form in this case should be quite weak what is proved by compasses, and should not create appreciably any warmth because especially the small particles of the second secondary element should participate in it(2), but it should increase all the same the quantity of the particles serving to the gravity in the geographical areas where should be found some magnetite with a higher concentration, by considering that it is possible to find a little of it everywhere in the crust(3); what should explain its variations at the level of the soil.
Besides this system of gravity should be propitious to explain the phenomenon of Northern Lights, because when the concentration of the particles of the first secondary element should be high enough(2), it should be normal that some luminous phenomenons should be produced; what should happen more easily near the magnetic North Pole for the reason that these particles should be more concentrated because of the magnetic field (more magnetite which orientates the magnetic field in some other places)(1).

(1): As well the motion under the terrestrial crust of the mass in fusion could produce a current being able to participate in the magnetic field (see theory of the dynamo effect). \ (2): See : \ (3): Considering that there is always a possible production of magnetite under the crust.

Update 13/04/2011: Otherwise about the particles as those of a magnetic field in the process of gravity, it is possible to consult the case of the mouse in magnetic levitation with a study of the NASA in relation with gravity (or of the frog by A. Geim (Nobel prize laureate) et M. Berry), here the magnetic field is enough higher than the radiation of the Earth (which is not local), but as well than the gravity, what gives the effect of a local thrust on a living being done by some particles of the same type as those considered here for gravity, what is close to the optical tweezers relatively to small things (see end of the article 6 about magnet). Lastly the particles considered here for the general magnetic field of the Earth come from a quite weak magnetic field and should intervene by the dispersion of the particles participating in the magnetic field (being free for the participation in the gravity), and possibly by thrust, this rather at the poles, because the magnetic field is vertical at the poles (so thrust toward the top or the bottom in the field).

  Lastly for the credibility of black holes, it is possible to read this: 

Update 06/01/12:
  About the Cavendish experiment, it is done with some masses of lead; but considering my theory for magnet (see article 6), it is better to not omit the emissions of atoms and the organization of it, thus even if lead is not reacting like iron to the emission of the flow of a magnet, the organization of its own one, is not going against the fact that it can have an interaction which is particular, with a different correspondence between the pores (see article 7). Thus the interaction between the spheres of lead should not be the result of the attraction coming from the universal gravitation, but of a particular force field (which is not bizarre).
Update 23/03/12: No string balls and still no black holes produced by the LHC, according to the results of 2011 (which is not good for the current theory of gravity). See this publication:

Update 18/03/13: Searches for large extra dimensions, gravitons, microscopic black holes, long-lived particles, dark matter, and leptoquarks are presented in the report at the following address. No sign of these new physics phenomena has been observed so far.
  Also I want to make notice that my work is not concerned with what is considered in this report (currently everything is going well for it), for example about the Long-Lived Neutral Particles and it is possible to check it if you want by following the references in this document.


   Otherwise there is also a publication about the lack of production of string balls and black holes at the LHC, following the data of 2012 and with a better sensitivity than in 2011. See this document:

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