Friday, October 23, 2009

Article 10

Water stems from the equilibrium of the energetic potential of stars which forms the different atoms and molecules, and in a usual way we can remark its gaseous condensable release during some combustions and mainly the one stemmed from volcanoes. Also if we can observe its presence on the Earth it is due to the atmosphere, and to the gravity and the inertia which are in it and which retain water; thus it is possible to find it in three different forms which are vapor (clouds…), liquid (rains, lacks, rivers, seas…), and ice (snow, hail, ice-floe…). About the liquid streams they have in part the same causes than winds applied to the liquid element and can be influenced by them, also tidal waves stem from volcanic activities and from the displacements of plates, where there is some thermal phenomenons but as well wave ones(1); and the variations of relief have to be considered for the fluvial flows.
Otherwise we can think that the motion in tides should come from an interaction between the terrestrial sky and the one of the Moon, as a result of what for a first hypothesis we could pose (within the framework of the hypothesis of Descartes about this subject (see The World))…

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(1): Also some enough powerful hurricanes can be accompanied by a groundswell of a considerable height.

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