Friday, October 30, 2009

Conclusion for my theories (not for the blog)

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In order to conclude it is good to notice that the theory as an intellectual construction which for a part is not depending on some experiences and/or experiments makes look at the world in a different manner and thus motivates to develop some physical inventions which make evolve our way of life, by assuring us a power suitable for bringing us the peace as much as our theories are the best ones; according to what it is obviously better to search because it is not by waiting that some new ideas come to confront our five senses that we will be protected; it is better to go methodically so intelligently, and if possible without going too far from the common way of thinking, to the research of these ideas, which at the beginning will catalyze at least our interpretation; thus we can remark that the theory according to which the Sun is the center of our planetary system had been seriously considered by the mind of Aristarchus of Samos and even more certainly by the one of Copernicus, before the telescope could bring enough sensual proofs to the rest of the world by the intermediate of Galileo Galilei, according to what the sensual proof is not indispensable to the reality, even if it confirms this reality and that it is better not to take too much risks. The error remains true for the human thought but at least the ones that we have realized become as much marks in order to show us the way of the truth. Also in order to judge a work it is better to know it totally, after it is better to know how to make allowances and not to condemn the totality while only a part is wrong [1], what discourages to do any hypothesis, nevertheless it is mainly like this that the humanity is evolving, from this possibility to progress blindly toward the divine truths. Obviously this submits us to error, but it is better to do some and to progress than not to do any and to remain farther from God, whereas we want to know It the most possible, as is confirming the worships which have been developed in the different civilizations and as well tribes; on the top of that to include this infinite consideration in our projects clings us stronger to life, and reinforces even our familial and social projects, because to have the ambition to know what is not finishing and is reinforcing us always, motivates us to progress directly or out of the intermediate of some others more qualified in order to discover things, and to whom it is better to give the opportunity to think in the best conditions possible.

[1] Update 04/08/2011: For the scientific part of my work, what is present should be enough for the time being, and until now the corrections are the effect of my own judgment, my work did then resist critics.

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