Wednesday, September 9, 2009


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God is as well infinitely knowing, thus although the finite degrees of creations come from the divine infinity and not the opposite, It possesses all the finite degrees of knowledge which form a sum to infinity, because the concept of every thing depends on God’s essence, and is then a part of the eternal continuity of Its being, thus unlike the human being It has a perfect knowledge of all Its parts at every moment, knowing that God is exclusively introvert; relatively to continuity It is then immutable and predisposed in Its manner to exist, and It has thus all the perfections stemming from the independence of the true existence, which can be conceived as one of Its synonyms. About Devil, it has mainly a relative meaning, as it is against the perfection of a thing and goes then in the direction of the acceleration of the annihilation of this thing in the more or less long term, if it is not a lesser evil for a greater good. Therefore relatively to humanity it appears especially by the voluntary error, which is according with all vices, because the human nature which is inferior to God’s one, is unavoidably confronted to its involuntary gaps, and we cannot pretend to be more than what we can be. But to want to follow the truth is already to go in God’s sense. Thus obstinacy to do what experience has proved us as bad several times is generally demoniac, because we have better to avoid to get into of some bad habits ; then a bad experience, especially if we have been advised against it, needs a delay for thinking at least, in order to know if there is a correctable error; as well vice out of inexperience is lesser, and even more vice against which there has been no prevention; it comes then that the one who incites to do what he/she knows as evil proceeds from Devil, and the one who prevents from God, knowing that there is an optimum happiness expected in virtue for the human being, and that our happiness depends as well on others’ one; in order to find the right way it is enough to recognize what is useful and just. Nevertheless we have better to look for existence because God does not permit us to know the aim of humanity and if it has to come we have better to wait for it in happiness by hoping that an issue should be possible. Lastly in order to avoid any superstition we have better to notice that if God wants that there is particular things that we observe in the predisposition of Its events, It makes them appear very clearly and can as well reiterate their manifestation in order that we understand them well, but we have better to be careful to the fact that this should not be the consequence of a devilish person seeking to manipulate us.

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