Friday, September 11, 2009

God and the elements which compose It

At first a thought for the memory of the sad event which did occur a 11th of September, I mean the crash on the twin towers. Otherwise I hope (and I want) that my work will help to construct USA and not to destroy it.

To read before :

The primary Energy can be considered as the only primary element, after come logically, out of the action of the immutable attributes which are movement, the asymmetric fractalization, resistance, and equilibrium, the three secondary elements described at the basis by RenĂ© Descartes (see « The World »), of which the first is the set of the malleable particles as quark produced for us out of the fractalization and having an autonomous capacity of movement according to the features of energy; the second the set of the small particles in a stable form as electron coming for us from some cycles of some malleable particles; and the third the set of the particles which form the solid matter as atoms coming for us from some cycles formed from some inferior particles, and molecules coming from the interactions between atoms. Next from the mixing of these three elements, some others arise which are the most important in Nature as a sensual world, and these can be designated as the tertiary elements. These are light, lightning, volcanoes, the movements of the continental plates, warmth, the winds of surface which go with atmosphere, gravity, water, the living beings (plants and animals), the composition of soil, the Sun and the other stars.


Joseph Smidt said...

You mentioned several things like light, soil, etc... Do you think all substance boils down to a single fundamental substance or is there lots of fundamental substances?

Cartesian said...

I think that there is one fundamental substance as E=m.c² implies.

Cartesian said...

But may be your question was a joke, as it is possible with you :-).