Thursday, September 17, 2009

Stars, atmosphere, gravity and winds

Stars are not without the energetic concentration which had created them, thus we obtain among others the Sun, the Earth, the Moon, and comets.

Atmosphere is not without an energetic phenomenon which permits the formation of some layers more or less resistant to the exchanges of particles and for our senses without the formation of gases which is coming from the volcanic activity or some other phenomenons related to the mass in fusion as breaks.

Gravity is not without the energetic phenomenon which acts in the formation of atmosphere and sorts out bodies according to their density.

The winds of surface are not in a remarkable way without some changes of pressure which can come from the variations of warmth due to the regulation of our atmosphere, to our location relatively to the Sun, then to the equilibrium of the movements of stars and the activity of the sources of warmth. For example this produces phenomenons as cyclones and trade-winds. But wind depends as well on the emission of gas brings by combustion and fermentation, without forgetting explosions which emit suddenly some gas or/and some energetic particles.


Cartesian said...

There will be more afterwards about gravity.

Joseph Smidt said...

Yes, you can predict what the atmosphere on a given planet will be based on it's gravitational pull and temperature.