Tuesday, December 22, 2009

About groups (last part)

Nonetheless we can remark that the human being takes the rules which seem to it the simplest and most adequate, but this manner for choosing them does not prevent that they can be in a stance of failure and thus ask for a reconsideration of the order ; following what the selection of the leaders can end up depending on the hereditary birthright(1) which can be accompanied by the justification by a divine right, even if God is not putting their actions in harmony with the problems and that they have to do more efforts than some others in order to resolve them, what leads easily to some privileges which shock the population ; but in order to select the leaders there is as well the possibility fairer but more complicated in a first consideration which is to assess the abilities and virtues of each one and to place this one the most adequately possible in the society despite a possible need of reassessment (considering that if this cannot be at all the levels of studies, their should be a possibility of equivalence for those who acquired a good level without paying a teacher, and can prove it) ; noticing moreover relatively to heredity that the variety and complexity of the genetic arrangements let think that the result is not easily foreseeable, without forgetting relatively to the intellectual development the different experiences of life which are out of the human power and can influence the reflection ; thus the effects of these experiences and the manner of which some persons are not in divine harmony with the problems that they have to resolve (but in God we trust) make understand that some good will could help to reveal by a general education and assessment the real order so that things do happen without too much incoherence (considering also that to give a minimum of education to the maximum of persons should help to decrease criminality), and hence the most possible in peace for the good of the union ; because an harmonious group is a resistant one, and this for a team or for a State (think about a sport team in a bad order) ; what protects the part of sovereign Good of each one.

(1) : See “The Spirit of Laws”, book 31, chapter 33, by Montesquieu ; which did participate in the constitution of the USA.

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