Thursday, December 17, 2009

The factors influencing the types of groups (first part)

Indeed the ways of living together can at the basis for the human being be relative to some different factors which affect the eases to provide for what it needs in order to live, thus the density of the human presence inside the group and around it, can affect because of competition which pushes to organize a minimum ; but in order that the human life be developing it has to be considered some factors as climate being able to be more or less in favor of illness and of the presence of foods, and as fertility and the fact to be practicable for soil and waters ; because these factors affect life expectancy, but as well births by the hope they procure and the variation of the infant mortality they provide. Afterward more the competition is high more it is important to think for living without having any problem and then to become industrious, in order to be able to exploit resources, as good as possible, and even those coming from areas where the relief and/or the climate is hard ; as well this competition reinforces groups because of the factor of protection considering some other groups which become violent by stupidity, or by necessity being confronted to the need of resources or because of disputes relatively to the behavior of some others against some arrangements ; thus the abilities of each group competing motivate the progression of the other groups. Indeed in a group or between groups there is generally some rules which settle in order that there is the least problems possible with the best conditions to survive for each one relatively to the considered priorities, knowing that more a group is powerful more it will have some possibilities of organizing in an advanced manner, considering as well its duration and its ability to keep and exploit the experiences of the past (the history of the town meetings in some townships and the creation of Pennsylvania in the USA are rich historically among some other important things).

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