Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Article 7

The magnetic field as a specific force field to magnet is drawn around it in its usual shape, in parallelepiped, in a particular manner, which is in butterfly; what could be explained according to the theory previously developed (see last post) by the fact that magnet following a geometrical and homogeneous formation, as for usual crystals, should develop a set of homogeneous and geometrical motions. Thus in the case of magnet according to an axis of distribution the pores located on a side should have an attractive power stemming from the depression formed by the accompaniment of the internal movement in cyclone, which should drive the surrounding particles of the two first secondary elements (1), and on the other side should have an expulsive power stemming from the pressure formed by the cyclonic leaving motion. But out of equilibrium the leaving cyclones should be complementary of the cyclonic inlets, thus it should be normal that at the level of the considered axis of distribution, should be shaped with the greatest simplicity some bridges between the cyclonic pores of inlet and of outlet, next for the formation of some bridges between farther pores, this should be done by a logical concatenation, because on a side of the leaving or entering cyclone should be a free space stemming from the curving in bridge of the cyclone of the same type at this place, and on the other should be the resistance and even the pressure formed by an unlinked cyclone of the same type, knowing that there should not be any fusion between the cyclones on the same side of the mentioned axis because they should have the same direction of rotation and thus push back themselves; according to what the one considered should be pushed alongside the bridge formed previously, thus should be curved and should form on its turn a bridge by finding on its way a complementary cyclone, but farther the pores should be, weaker the strength of the bridge should be because of the dispersion of the cyclonic motion. Lastly logically it should come that the fact to be complementary or the resistance between two poles of some different magnets should stem from the type of cyclone met, leaving or entering; also it should be considered that the contact between two magnets implies, relatively to the whole of both, that the cyclones should have a denser movement than before the contact, out of a highest concentration of particles following the trajectory which should be offered to them out of resisting to their straight motion, particles which should go through a longer distance before to have the liberty of a straighter way, what the experiment checks.

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