Friday, October 16, 2009

Article 9 first part

Gravity should not be without an energetic equilibrium, as well it is considered to have a constant force following a same gravimetric geoid, and posing that all equilibrium is limited in time except with a divine and absolute consideration, this implies that it should be maintained; therefore if I am not mistaken it is not good to think that the force could exist without any movement and that it could thus produce a variable quantity of it (4). So in order to explain gravity in a rational manner, we could suppose that it should be maintained by some flows of some particles of the two first secondary elements(1) and especially of some malleable ones and of some of the smallest ones in cycle which do not produce any warmth in a considerable manner(2), which should be applied in an almost homogeneous manner at the surface of an object, while they should penetrate also its inside by almost all the pores, what should reduce the importance of the mass and of the surface if it is possible to neglect the resistance of air; to our knowledge these flows have two principal and constant sources of particles, which are the light of the Sun and the radiation of the Earth. As well light could all the same penetrate the atmosphere despite the resistance at the rupture between two layers (see atmosphere in the 3 last posts) because it arrives in sufficiently dense and fast flows, nevertheless it should be this same resistance which should do that these particles could push on us, because when they should be in a concentration less dense than in the light, despite their velocity they should meet a resistance which should make them have a spinning motion or in circle being able to be developed in a helicoidal manner, and make them form some winds by a massive reorientation, but as well push the denser objects toward the bottom(3) out of the intermediate of the smallest cyclic secondary particles; this thrust should be formed because the very fast motion of the malleable particles and their size which lets them pass almost everywhere make them more suitable for going in the superior layers (see atmosphere). Thus the particles which should form this gravity should be at the basis the primary particles or malleable ones obtained by fractalization, which are endowed with an autonomous and very fast movement (2); and particularly the ones which are at the level of the body and should be on the way, following their progress toward the top and not the bottom, to take its place, next to pass above it with transmitting the motion especially out of the smallest cyclic particles; besides the flow already oriented of the particles toward the possibility to escape by the top orients easily the ones which are entering and diluting in the layer where it acts, knowing as stated previously that this flow is supplied with some particles out of a flow coming from under the soil out of the radiation of the Earth, and which periodically is reinforced by the particles coming from the Sun which are stopped at the level of the soil and by the clouds partly and have in the same manner a facility to tend toward the top, while they maintain a constant concentration in certain limits because the atmospheric resistance is not impossible to penetrate, also this resistance acts a little as a valve which should be more or less opened according to the pressure.

(1) : See :
(2) : See :
(3) : Light (except laser) should not oppose any considerable resistance to the bodies which can be detected by our senses because in order to act thus on these bodies it should pass by the intermediate of the other particles of the atmosphere which oppose a higher resistance and of which it should determine the trajectory in its direction without dispersing them; thus the action for conducting motion should depend as for warmth on the particles mixed with a flow of some malleable particles, because it should be especially the smallest cyclic particles, which do not produce any warmth in a considerable manner, which should be effective in order to transmit motion because they react normally better; but these particles should be in a higher concentration in the atmosphere than in light, out of the space (between them) that the concentration of the malleable particles implies, according to what the motion of the malleable particles should be better conducted by the atmosphere thus composed than by light, and when light is mixing with it, it is possible to suppose the presence of some beams of light, what at least the presence of some atoms make unavoidable out of their resistance in some masses to the luminous flow. About laser, the action is especially thermal, what is possible according to the proportion between the malleable particles and thermal ones (mixing forced at the basis), and even if the concentration of particles producing warmth need not to be very high in order to make it perceptible, the production of a relatively weak motion is possible out of their action. Lastly for the fission of an atom, the malleable particles being so much concentrated in an atom that at the moment of the phenomenon they should be deployed in a bowl, which for being diluted should not have any other possibility than to drive at its front all the most suitable particles in order to transmit motion and the others, because they could not avoid them considering the absence of any beam at the basis and their very high density.

(4) : Update 13/04/2011: See about Newton:

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